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Thursday, October 20, 2005

   purple hair is cool. x]

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wow. todays im surprised i only had ONE assignment!! O_O GASP! the teachers dont hate me!! well..they do but ot today. xD haha. that means....LONG POST!!!!! BWHAHAHHAHAH!!!....*cough*...ok...only a few of you guys actually read the whole entire thing anyways. haha.

well today we finally did our english presentation today, but i think we didnt get such a good of a score cuz we didnt make that much eye contact with the "audience"....it was pretty hard since most of the info was on the poster. *sigh* my teacher marks off hte littlest things. *mumbles* i bet she only favors the people who brought food. haha. then during lunch this "band" came to play at our school. wasnt exactly my type of music though. it was a band called "stratageme"...i dunno. they have a myspace. you could look listen to them at http://myspace.com/stratageme. too lazy to put that as a link. lol. x] but yeah..not that many people liked them as much....but this new guy i just met is in a band...[its really hardcore] and hes all saying that they might play at the school...that would be so awesome. haha. xD he plays the guitar!. i love guitars. xp hes awesome....and gay. haha. some of you know how cool i think gay people are. lol. just not the super hyper girly kinda gay guys though. i like the calm relaxed ones. theyre awesome. xD

but yeah...sixth period finally got moved to a different seat...thank god..remember that creepy guy that used to sit behind me? haha. yeah..hes finally away from me. *shudders* im finally sitting next to somewhat less-weird people. lol. thats awesome for me....anywhere thats not in front of the weirdo guy is A-OK with me. LOL.

then after school i finally got to relax!!! w00t!!! i loved it. haha. i finalyl spent some time watching samurai champloo....man...how i wish i had pretear...i think ill go steal it from katocool. BWAHAHAHHA!!! *flies to new zealand*..do do do . xD~~

ok. for those who missed out on the late update yesterday i put up a new music player that im pretty sure everyone can see/hear now. unless flash players dont work for you. ^_^ i added 3 more songs...so its now 8 of some of my fav songs. ^_^ enjoy. x]

wallpaper by milky1103

*drool* dante is so hot here. haha. well yeah..dante from devil may cry. i personally havent played the game [i dont even play games. lol. ] but it looks mighty coolies!! xD i forgot who the artist was though. lol.

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