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Monday, October 10, 2005

im one sneaky hell of a bastard. >D

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ah well sorry for the late post. im currently helping my sister do her damn homework..its not like it sounds. she needs help drawing this medieval knight with a horse and she asked me to help her finish it. =_= ya know i cant ever say no to anyone...its so sad...so yeah...here i am 12:30 in the morning still helping her draw while shes sleeping soundly in her bed. TT.TT im to nice for my own good *sigh* well before i started helping her i was watching LOTR return of the king for hte third time. haha. i LOVE that movie so damn much. LEGOLAS!!! i thought it was funny when sam threw a huge rock at golums head. haha. funny. oh and when gandalf hit that king [forgot his damn name] that tried to brun his son alive in the face with his staff. haha. i was literally onthe floor laughing...well thats cuz i was already on the floor watching htemovie but still....i was laughing my ass off. haha....no one understaood why i was laughing though...sad....im in my own world. xD

well woke up this morning to go to art class. i FINALLY started on that watercolor painting. its actually turning out pretty good. when im done ill be sure to scan it for you guys. ^_^ speaking of drawings i have a new one up. it was too big to fit into the scanner so i had to take a crappy pic of the drawing. haha. although i didnt like how the face turned out. judge it for yourself. ^_^

yeah...its a really bad pic...oh well. ^_^

then my cousin picked me up insteead of my sister since they all left to go to rose hills without me. >[ i was so mad...so he was all asking me why i didnt go up to the hills to go pray [or whatever it is you do with incense] for my granfatehr cuz my grandma had a bad dream about my granfather getting into a accident and walking home without a car. so yeah...before she left to new work she told my uncles and aunts to go pray to my granfather. sad...they all ditched me TT.TT im not special anymore!!! [haha jk]

then i did absolutely nothing...just sat there and played some retarded games...ate some ice cream...so yeah...

haha yesterday most of you guys probly dont see much of the blogs i was talking about but i do...it may not be exactly like mine but still alittle TOO similar if you ask me...ok..that ends my pointless rant. x]

theres no wallpaper today..too lazy to go look for a good one....too tired....monitor is very blurry right now.......*snores*


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