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Friday, October 7, 2005

   one nose is stuffed with boogers. @_@

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well yeah. the days been somewhat emotionless..i dunno im not excited or bored....im jsut like....mellow. its weird...im not usually mellow. im either bored out of my mind, angry, or excited. right now im none of those...its gotta be a first. haha. yesterday you guys such funny comments. i love you guys ^_^ but yeah. your guys rock. xD

well letsee my day...hm...[dont you guys ever get bored of me talking bout my days? i mean....everyday its about the same....i dunno how you guys do it...super people...i swear. lol. ] woke up. had some food. drivers ed is so boring. heres a question,

20) A peace officer stops you because he suspects you are DUI [driving under influence]. You refuse to take a chemical test. What happens now?
a) Your Driving priviledge wll be taken away.....
b) Your will recieve an additional fine.....
c) You will not be allowed to post bait...

you know whats so stupid...i said i would work on my flipbook last night yet i left it in my sixth period class...=_= yes. i needa smack myself sometimes. *sigh*.....

k then went to research hermes for english. took my hard mandarin test. it hink i did good though. although my teacher has a grudge against me so i might not end up with a A. haha. damn woman....argh. then found out i was getting a better grade in bio than i thought i was..its weird cuz i failed my chapter 2 test so badly. haha. its ever funnier cuz my seat partner is smarter than me and turns in everything and got one percent lower than me!! LMAO. its so funny...he was all going paranoid of how i beat him. LOL. its fun to rub it in his face. lol. funny. then im almost done with my flip book in animation class. as soon as im done, ill try getting off my lazy ass and scan it for you guys. haha. such a pain in the rear. makes me wanna kick something. yeah..then my friend used up all my batteries in my ipod....GAH! i hate her!!! well not hate but gah!! i wanna strangle her now. haha. jeez. didnt even save some for me. TT.TT and i needed it too. *sigh* that bastard.

well yea. also made a new wallpaper late last night. xD so click the wall of the day for the download page. ^_^ i like this one. its my fav color. xD and yeah..i dont think i have anything else to talk about...

i jsut noticed....all my posts are always about me...nothing else. lol. funny.

wallpaper by jigglynes [me]

WARNING: YAOI /SHOUNEN AI ALERT!! [i dont really know if its shounen ai or softcore yaoi...hm..] YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...guys just stay away....


haha jk. fine. i warned ya. dont freak out...haha jk. its not that bad...i LOVE it.

tales of symphonia: Kratos x Zelos

*drool* i LOVE zelos' hari. ^_^ artowrk by Ruaki. -

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