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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

   you need to go pee pee.....

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well today was an ok day i guess...cant realyll describe it. well letsee its decided. im gonna start the theme tomorrow and hopefully have it up by saturday. too lazy to do anything right now. lol. but yea some of you cant believe i didnt want hellsing huh? well believe it....[woah i sounded that the english naruto....."BELIVE IT!! BLAH BLAH BLAH"] i wish i could watch it but yea. too lazy to download and then wait a bajillion hours for it to be in spanish subs. you have no idea how many times that has happened to me...all the inuyasha movies and advent children. i kept downloading the wrong ones [they dont say if its spanish or not!!] so i would have to look for the torrents again and then wait another bajillion hours for taht. *sigh* its all really fustrating to me. lol.

anyways....for yesterdays secret drivers ed question i asked...i got the answer!! DUN DUNDUN!! its B! im too lazy to tell you what B was. BWAHAHHAH!! im in like an UBER lazy mood right now so dont be surprised when i dont wanna tell you something. haha. ok..back on subject..........

i got my test back and OMFG. i missed so much. haha. im such a bad driver. i missed like 22 out of 46. *sigh* how sad. lol. then we did golf in PE. [im summarizing day again. BWAHAAAHH!!] then took a io test i didnt even know we had. i failed for sure....really...i looked up the answers and omg i failed SOO badly...i didnt even know what the hell i put on my test. lol. TT.TT my moms gonna kill me. then after lunch someones backpack got stuck on the fire alarm and BEEP BEEP the alarm went off. ^_^ almost everyone was either yelping in joy or running around screaming "YEAH!!!"...it was weird. haha. i started screaming as if we were gonna die just to join in the crowd. lol. funny. but yeah...took off like 20 minutes of fifth period. YES!

for my flipbook [since LS mentioned it] when i finish i might make it into a gif idf im not too lazy to scan in every single page of it. haha. its gonna one hell of a ride. @_@ ...maybe not.....then finished math hw before class even started. yeah...how fun...=_=....

on other news....tomorrow my dad if leaving for china....again...i swear..he loves china to much. haha. he already went for a whole month during the summer and hes going again....*sigh*...BUT the day after he leaves my moms also leaves to new york. WOAH. haha. that means......a WHOLE week with no parents AT ALL!!! O_O *throws confetti* YAY!!!!!!!! ive got he house all to ourselves *does happy dance* wow. i feel so good.....kinda.

yeah....llindus mentioned this but yesterdays pic of the day is not actually yaoi. its shounen ai. i just call it yaoi because i was to lazy to type it since its much longer than the word "yaoi"..haha. four letters....how can you resist? but yeah...and besides some people freak out when they see shounen ai and call it yaoi. but i dont really care cuz i go for EVERYTHING. i dont care if its yaoi, shounen ai or [what the hell] yuri. im cool like that. xD.....*cough*.....or not....haha.

wallpaper by TheDutch

LMAO. haha. and you thought naruto was stupid....not that im saying you guys thought he was stupid or anything...*shifty eyes*..but you know what i mean. haha. tsunade...good one.

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