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Sunday, October 2, 2005

   argy wargy

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well today was pretty busy. got my highest score in bowling today ^_^ i never knew i could get a scratch score (over 125)..i got a 166. i was pretty surprised. with the hadicap it woulda been a 174. lol. yeah...a 8 point handicap...sucks. o well. xD

then after that we went to my cousins house to eat lunch. then went straight to my grandmas house to pick her up to take family pictures. yupp....my mom forced me to wear a dress DX then took another five billion years to finally leave her house and arrive at the chinese place. there were all these samples and n offense but they really suck at photoshopping photos. haha. i mean they looked SOOO obvious that they photoshoped it. is that how its supposed to be?

then got home but wasnt allowed onthe computer D< my mom hates me at times. haha. so i had to stay off until she left for a party. w00t!! then right when i finally got on my dad wanted me to help him. TT.TT he got the ipod nano for his china trip again. she needed help just to work it. *sigh* i hate being the only technology-friendly person in the house. *sigh* its realy annoying. my dads just a beginner too so i have to constantly be next to him to make sure he doesnt break his own computer. lol. so that took a few more hours. i never have time to do anything i want. @_@

then after i had to fix the damn layout at my guild. argh. if only there were more hours inthe day. sometimes i just dont have enought time to do anything. it kinda sucks. but yeah. if i didnt visit you yesterday im terribly sorry. i was busy. haha. yeah..gotta go. need to wake up tomorrow. *sigh* dammit. i hate being busy.


oh yeah. i also colored my other drawing from last time. ^_^ here the thumbnail and link. xD

comments/feedback appreciated. ^_^

wallpaper by Panda

LMAO. as you can tell i ran out of pics to post up. lol. but its still hilarious.

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