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Thursday, September 29, 2005

   i feel evil today!!!

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its official. EAMR likes to see me torture TT.TT....*cough*

on other news. MYO is finally unslow!!! w00t!!!! but nothing really interesting with other news...except that today was MAJORLY hot. the kinda hot that no one can take...the kinda hot that EAMR like...*shudders* the kind where your suffocating from the heat in your car. i think i got like 5 shades darker than i was this morning. argh.

well this morning woke up feeeling cranky. argh. i dunno...i cant wait till friday. BWAHAHHHH!!!! yea..did tae bo again in class....this girl fell over. haha. it was funny. xDD

then at school today was club day. i didnt get to see that many clubs but yea..i joined a few since needed the clubs that offered the chance for getting hours. *sigh* i need to start doing that too. argh again! oh well...then in math i totally suck. i cant believe i got a B on the test!! IM SUPPOSED TO GET A FREAKIN A!!!!!!!!!!! *rams head into wall* see..i already knew everything but the damn tewacher just had to havce all those stupid trick questions trying to confuse me!! CURSE YOU!!!!!!!!

then after school spent my time again yet with another layout except it was for my guild on neopets. xD teehehe. i love making graphics. and also chatted alot with my buddy lingo. im gonna have a colab together. ^_^ wonder how thats gonna turn out....

wel..dunno what else to talk about...oh yeah. i got the funiest banner below my blog. haha. it has all these awesome slogans with jigglyness. lol. check that out. xD

Wallpaper by seriesX5289

continuation of "Itachi's persuasiveness"

haha. i love itachi. ^_^ one day im gonna be just like him....gonna learn from teh master. BWAHAHAHH!!!....soon you all will be doing my dirty work!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *cough* haha....jk?

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