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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

   my foot is numb.

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Name: Sara
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alright. so the results are finally in!!! BUT there is a tie. TT.TT so the first person to PM me with the choice will be the new theme that'l be up tomorrow [thursday]. GOO!!! its a race!!..*cough* anyways. please dont forget to vote for me on LordSessh's contest for best myotaku site!!! im hoping to win at least one contest..mainly either wallpaper or myotaku site. its too late for wallpapers since i probly lost. haha. but yeah. if you love my site PLEASE go vote. ^_^

well last night there was this HUGE thunder/lightning/rain storm. it scared the crap outta me. LOL. seriously...and i always have my window open in my room and damn...the winds were like attacking me. LOL. it was also pouring out. i loved it. haha. i luv it when it rains....teehehe...yes i know...im kinda strange. haha. k went to school and learned the basics of swinging a golf club. its not as fun as i thought it would be....maybe cuz i was practically dripping sweat from the hot gym. @_@ well yeah. then fourth period was so fun today for some reason. k remmeber how i said there was a thunder/lightning/rain storm? well it lasted all through today during school. haha. wel yeah...inthe middle of class we all the sudden had a blackout. lol. well since i was in a class full of guys they were all cheering and everything. o_0 strange creatures they can be. lol. but when the generaters brought back the lights they were all screamin "DAMMMIT!! I WANT BLACKOUT!!!!".....i was all like "=_=".......haha and my teacher made one the most funiest jokes ive ever heard....[its not all that funny]...." a guy walks into a bar...what does he say?...OUCH. "...get it?? LMAO. i was cracking up for like teh first 30 seconds then stopped. heh. x]

well came home and did some of my homework. it was pretty boring....watched beck again for like the 59th time. lol. i can never get sick of that anime. like i said yesterday. the song currently playing is from beck. ^_^ except i changed it to another beck song. xD enjoy.

well i dont really know what to say so im gonna end it here. haha.


ok the new theme has been decided!!! the new theme will be ADVENT CHLDREN. hopefulyl ill have it up by thursday. thanks for voting everyone!! oh and thanks to those who already voted for my at LS's contest!!

wallpaper by SesshTaisho

i gotta admit this chiinese girl is really talented with computer art. her username on DA is heise which in mandarin means black. her art is really amazing. go to her gallery here.

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