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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

   my nose is bleeding boogers everwhere. >.

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well i decided that im not gonan do fruits basket anymore..its took hard to look for any good images i could use for a theme...so im just gonna have up ONE more poll and itll decide. ill only have it for one day only so you better vote!!! o_0 or i will climb up your room window and eat you alive when your sleeping!!!!!!!!! YAR HAR HAR!!!!

other news. last post since i spent the whole time looking for a good fruits basket image i could use as a wallpaper and none of them worked out. i wanted one that matched me...something more spunky ya know...haha. but yeah. during school couldnt stop sneezing my freakin brains out. i was sneezing so much it freakin pissed me off!! and im not exxagerating. i was like having a sneeze attack everywhere i went. TT.TT i wanted to chop my nose off!!! ARGH!! i think i have allergies. i mean everyone in my classes said i looked realyl sick sincei my eyes were really bloodshot. haha. my head also hurt from sneezing so much...i wanted to ang myself against a metal poll. LOL. thats how horrible it was...i was even sneezing in the sun...i think booger may have flown out at some point. LOL. who knows *shrug* well right now its not as bad as it was before....thank god. i dont think i couldve stood it anymore....@_@ but i still have a horrible nose right now...cant breathe...so after this im gonna take some nyquil and pass out in my bed. haha.

anyways...today at school we started doing weight-lifting..and OMFG. im so weak. TT.TT its kinda sad. haha. but its ok...im stronger than a senior girl in my class....teehehe. man..is houldnt be saying htat. loll. shes my partner. xD

so yeah. hopefulyl ill have the results by tomorrow and itll be up either thrsday or friday. depends how much time i have....*sigh*ohyeah. new music and new another wallpaper *points below* as some of you may know from teh past i used to watch the anime "BECK" and i said the music was great right? well ok. the music on my site is from the anime. pure rock music. BWAHAHAH!!! *cough* its pretty catchy. xD i love it.

wallpaper by Jigglyness

to the yuki fans out there

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