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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

   new theme soon

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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okied doke. gonna change my theme pretty soon. probl sometime at the end of the week. i dunno. i was thinking a gundam seed destiny theme since i havent done one yet....maybe a fruits basket one. i dunno. ill have a poll up tomorrow for those two catagories. ^_^ haha. and to some of the comments: my days arent really interesting..i just mention the only interesting things. haha. either that or im jsut over exaggerating. LOL.

k this morning didnt even hear my three alarms right next to my ear. lol. god i hate how i can sleep through it...thats how i get late all the time. LMAO...not that i was ever late.....thanks goodness. haha . but yea. in english we're learning about mythology soon. mainly greek and roman mythology. butyea. cant wait. i LOVE mythology. its so interesting. xD and almost fell down the stairs to my fourth period class from carrying too many things in my hands. haha. i also needed help just opening the door. haha. but yeah...it was killing me. luckily i get to leave the stuff in my fourth periiod class. phew.

then after school got home kinda late cuz of so much traffic. *sigh* i hate traffic...it irritates me. heh.

nothing else really happened. made a totally new layout for my neopets guild...since i just recently was made leader. the former leader couldnt handle the pressure from school and the guild so she stepped down and made me the leader. if ya wanna see the layout heres the link. o yeah. also forgot to mention it yesterday but we finally found someone to take care of our dog. it was my sisters friend charlie. he seems to really love our dog...haha. i dont blame him..i mean how can you not love this:

haha. yes i know..hes adorable. im gonan miss him....except for his poopie. haha.

well..thats pretty much it for today. its probly the shortest post ive had in a long time. haha. wow.

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