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Monday, September 12, 2005


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hm..today...well yesterday to some of ya was fun i guess. ^_^ this morning woke up freakin late cuz my stupid little brother forgot to wake me up so i was like running into my bathroom. then my sister dropped me off at my art class thinger. yea...once again. im the oldest one there. *sigh* i feel so pathetic in there. haha. o well. then after my mom picked me up to go to yoga. man when she called everyone was all staring at me as if theyve never seen a cell phone ring before...it was weird. then after yoga stopped by office depot to get some school stuff i need for biology. got a whole buncha sharpies MWAHAHAHAH!!! then my mom bought a telelphone. heh. ^_^ then went home to have some spaghetti. it was good. xDD my cousin from yesterday was over again since they live like a mile from us, shes always at our house. haha.

so then later we went swimming. i was fake drowning again...and being hte wacko drughead my cousin is, she was acting all weird pretending i was dead. LOL. i swear....then later we were walking in with our wet towels then she runs through the hall screaming 'its a bird, its a plane, its greta-man!!!' [her name is greta] omg. i almost did the whole anime-fall thing. i was like..wtf..LMAO..it was weird...

and this other time my brother thought my other cousin was inthe bathroom so he was all hiding along hte wall. when the door opened my brother flew towards my dad that just came out. LMAO. so funny. my dads all like 'you thought i was eddie huh?' as if he knew...haha. so funny. *sigh* yea..then later after dinner we watched naruto again and i still cant get over narutos voice *shudders* sorry to all those that thought it was awesome but yea..it was so much un-naruto like than the original. its kinda sad....well enough about naruto....eh...nvm. haha. theres nothing else happening....besides my cousin that wouldnt let go of my leg cuz i walked out in the middle of watching naruto...i was like half way up the stairs with him attached to my calf and OMG. its such a hard workout....and trust me....hes not exactly tiny.....hes REALLY big for a sixth grader. LOL. its freakin hard. i finaly managed to kick him somewhere it'll hurt alot *cough* and he let go and i like ZOOMED up the stairs. lol. he was all screaming after that. LMAO. yeah..love that little dude....lol. little...

yea so i have nothing to do right now...working on a button for a cool someone *wink* haha. you know who you are!! x] and just for the people that didnt read under my site rules, jsut scroll almost all the way down and you'll see that all requests are open for any graphics except wallpaper. xDD its too damn hard for wallpapers....unless you just THAT special. lol....well thats it. chao maters. xD

Wallpaper by arkad

haha did you notice that both my avi of the day and the pic of hte day is making fun of ed? LMAO. i jsut barely noticed it. haha. poor ed..sorry!!!

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