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Saturday, September 10, 2005


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*sigh* well sorry for the late update. been a little busy today. ^^ woke up this morning....surprisingly i wasnt as sleepy as yesterday. i cant believe i was up before my sister. haha. it was weird....the only way to get her out of bed is to annoy the hell outta her. LMAO. its so fun...and so easy too. haha. supposedly we were supposed to be early to school...yet we ended arriving later than usual. lol. weird...damn asian drivers!!!! god...i almost got killed like 4 times this morning...i swear....when will they learn?! *sigh* well anyways. was almost late to PE. luckily my teacher always comes out late. haha. w00t! then we did some heart rate stuff....pretty boring.

the rest of hte day was boring like the usual so im not gonna bore you....today was the first football game of hte year and i coudlnt go. D< grr...the problem was that my cousin also wanted to come. if he came....my brother would have to go too. but he doesnt come home till 6:30..the game starts at 6....i dont wanna wait so long....so yea..but for sure.....next home game i WILL go. no matter what!! MWAHAHHAHA!!! *cough* anyways. came home and watched some tv. after tv i went to go running with my doggy again. hes so damn cute...i dont wanna let him go. TT.TT i get attached to things easily....so its gonna be so hard to let go of him when we find someone who wants to keep him. *sigh* I DONT WANNA!!!!!!!!

after walking him i only had like 20 minutes on the computer. since it was dinner time. then my other cousin came over for dinner. shes sleeping over..well yea. after dinner we spent about a little over an hour at the elementary school playground with my doggy again. ^_^ hes so wild. haha. its weird since im the only one who can walk him properly. everyone lets him drag them around. lol. im like his freakin mommy. haha. thats what everyone calls me ^_^ his mommy. yar har har. bet ya cant beat that! or maybe you can. lol.

after that we came home and blah blah blah. spent my time making another wallpaper then watching some anime. lol. watched all my fma episodes for the like 23rd time. lol. i love so many men...LMAO. its funny..and GUNDAM SEED DESTINY!!! OMG!! SO GOOD!!! MEER!!! [you won tknow what im talking about unless youve seen episode 46 of gundam seed destiny] its so sad...that anime is the best....so dramatic in a good way. makes you want more....i was thinking about having gundam seed destiny as my next theme. ^_^ not sure yet. xDD

hm..well..i still have that claw mark on my boobers. TT.TT its gonna be there for a while. lol. damn..everyone was all asking what happened. LMAO. it looks so freakin retarded....=_= oh yea..i also found out that one of hte girls in my PE class went over to our house a long time ago. lol. i didnt even know. lol. she said she remembers me from when i was like 11. wow. she has good memory.

well yea....kinda ran outta things to say....so ill try to visit as many people after i finish bolwing later. ^_^ hope yall have a great day....ITS FINALLY SATURDAY!!!! w00t~@#$%^&*

wallpaper by Jigglyness

haha thats so me and my doggy....whenever i get fustrated with him he looks at me all weird and cutely with his head tilted to the side!! SO CUTE!!!

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