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Thursday, September 8, 2005

   dry cell - body crumbles

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hello people ^_^ well today im in a slightly better mood than last night. especially after all my dad said. havent spoke to him all day today. but it was totally coincedence though. well letsee. today woke up early once again since my sister had to bring my brother and little cousin to school at 7 since they have zero period. tisk tisk. lol. its cuz theyre really bad in english so they need extra help in the mornings. sucks for them. lol. today was theire first day of school.

well today i was almost late for school since there was SOO much traffic. why does everyone go to school five minutes before school starts?? its kinda weird. yet annyoing at hte same time.....well anyways. school was ok once again. i memorized my schedule since all my rooms are even numbers. lol. so yea. too bad i have to walk back and forth across the school. TT.TT from one end to the other. @_@ i swear!! its too much walking!!! yea...and plus i forgot to do my homework....so i finished it like 10 minutes before class started. LOL. stupid me. i procrastinate too much...that should be my new years resolution.....to stop procrastinating. xD thats like impossible but ill try. ill try. ^_^

after school i had to walk home since my sister had a club meeting at school. and yea. the walk home was so damn hot...its wasnt even fair.=_= i HATE SUN!!!!!!! [who doesnt right? well...except for EAMR....] and yea. got home rested for a bit. helped my dad with his computer a little...wait...i DID talk to my dad today. whoops. *crosses out beginning sentences* well yea. after than i played with my comptuer for a while. pretty much just taking out all the adware in my computer. scanning it takes a while since i have SO much files in my computer. lol. i save like everything. HAHA. *cough* anyways....

after dinner we fed my awesomely cute doggy and ran around the outside of the house with him. lol. it was so damn tiring. lol. that little booger can run alot. lol. we took turns to go running around with him so im pretty sure he was relly happy. hes SOOO cute!!! so answer some questions about my dog..here they are.
-beyblader - my mom just recovered from removing cancer out of her body and is already taking alot of medicines so we dont wanna stress out her body. shes been real sick. i dont want the doggie to be a burden to her. and plus i dont think we're ready to be taking care of a little doggie. our house was meant for animals. too much really expensive things. besides hes going to a good home only about three houses down the block. ^_^

yea so after than we let him rest and went SWIMMING....again. lol. yea. this time it was only my and my little cousin since my brother was already taking a shower when we went out. i dont htink he would have gone with us anyways. lol. *cough* anyways. me and my cousin were messing around in the pool again. lol. we were all screaming under water. it scratched up my throat alot. lol. we were also blowing bubbles to tickle each other. lol. it actually does tickle when they pop right under you. lol. yea...haha. also lost lots of braincells once again. ^_^ those damn boulders are a b.itch. LOL.

so yea. thats pretty much my day....long post. lol. i think i talk too much sometimes. LOL.

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haha thats so lame...but well...im kinda running out of fma pics to put up. lol. maybe i should change my theme soon. haha.

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