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Sunday, September 4, 2005

   brocholli rocks my ugly socks.

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k today i switch the order of things appearing. MWAHAHHAH!!! *cough* ok. since this is my first graphic from the new program i jsut got, it gets special presentation!!!!....yeah...that was it. lol. download by clicking image. x]

wallpaper of magna carta...i think....LOL.

hm..well today got scared out of my pants when my sisters face was about a centimeter from mine. its really scary when im used to 'peacefully' waking up in the morning. haha. jeez....why cant my sisters room be freezing....then id have some personal space. lol.

k this morning after lunch we went to go bowling for fun. ^_^ my mommy was still home. haha. she was all saying i need to stop being glued to my computer for the 5839th time. haha. so we went and it was all weird cuz we were the only asian people there. lol. not to be racist or anything but they were all mexicans. yea. they asked the cashier people to play all these weird songs. lol. they even played 'girls just wanna have fun'.....=_=x.....yea. then it started playing mexican music. haha. i swear i think thats why i got such a bad score. lol.

when i got home i was messing with the program some more. ^_^ and thats how i ended with the wallpaper above. xD yea..then later my sister forced me to go swimming in the BURNING HOT SCORCHING YOU-WILL-DIE-IF-YOU-STAY-IN-IT-ANY-LONGER sun. so yea. i think i got even darker now. lol. i have this HUGE ass tan on my back already. swim suit tans are a b.itch. haha. yea. then dinner came and we had lots of leftovers. lol. well actually....it WAS leftovers. nothing new today. lol. then went swimming once again after we beat mario kart double dash for the 62nd time. yea. fun day....

when we were swimming i think i lost like 5 million brain cells. i was swimming and i turned my head since my cousin was swimming next to me [little kids can be VERY michievous] and the next thing i know, i hit a HUGE giant boulder thing sticking outta the wall. so i nearly drowned from pain. ^_^ then later when i was doing flips and everything i stuck my head out of the water for like 2 seconds then all of a sudden my brothers face cam outta nowhere and scared the cacamolies out of me. i almost died from a heart attack. yupp. it seems like everyone wants me dead for some reason. lol. [ for those who dont know. i have my own swimming pool that i swim in EVERY night so dont be surprised when i say i go swimming. ^_^]. well thats about it. well....when i was in my bathroom i almost killed myself again. i slipped on the water in the floor leftover from when i jsut came in and stood there staring at my huge tan.

limited edition

Fullmetal Alchemist Pokeballs! buy 2 get one free!!

ooo!!! i wonder if they have one of envy. id so want one. LOL.

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