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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

   oh my bejeebies.

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hiya. well today was ok again. ^_^ woke up kinda early. 8:30am. woot! i was surprised i was able to get out of bed. haha. left around 9 to my school to pick up all my school things. i hate long lines TT.TT i had to wait in the 'return books/pay fines' line for like 1 and a half hours. D< it was so irritating. i was all surrounded by mandarin speaking people...i was having one of those moment where it seems like everyones screaming in your ear...yea...got me a slight headache. after that the lines were EVEN longer. TT.TT i hate pdays at school. *sigh* but yea..when i got my schedule i it came out:
1st- fit for life [PE]
2nd- soph eng 1
3rd- mandarin2
4th- biology
5th- animation [the teacher was last years math teacher =_=;; ]
6th- algebra2

then went home and rested for a bit. a llittle while after lunch we went swimming with my cousin in our pool. then my sister came with her friend. haha. he friend is so nice. she was all messing around swimming with us. haha. we were having a water fight. haha. we had the huge waterfall while she had our water hose. LOL. we still won. teehehe. right after swimming we helped wash my sisters car.....well we were kinda forced to wash it. haha. damn...well yea. my sister got all pissed when we stopped washing it to eat some food. she was all threatening to not bring us to boomers anymore [this go-cart arcade place were going tomorrow morning, its kinda like speed-zone] so we ALL got pissed and finished washing her car.HMPH. i hate it when she threatens....she always threatens me to walk home in the heat...grr...i mean i live almost a mile from the school....i HATE walking home from school...its annoying....

so after the car wash we watched princess diaries 2 again. i love hte darts part.....so hilarious. LMAO!!! yea...then dinner etc. oh yea!!! i finally got a new phone!!! its so freakin crazy!!! it has like EVERYTHING. too bad its from hong kong. haha. but its so cool. it hasnt come out in the US yet. haha. w00t!!! heres a pic:

BWAHAHAHHAH!!!! *cough* ok. haha. x]

yea so right now my OTHER cousin is here since shes coming with us to boomers tomorrow. ^_^ so im gonna go now. xD im gonna be nice this time and let her use it. lol. i usually dont let ANYONE on it so hmph. she shouldbe greatful.....LMAO!! ok....chao.

ok made yet another wallpaper. click to go to download page. comemnts/feedback appreciated. xD

WARNING: lameness ahead

haha ok. that was SO lame...im gonna go bye bye now. toodles. xDD

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