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Monday, August 29, 2005


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phew today was pretty good i guess. haha. woke up extra early so i could make it to my art class on time. haha. art class was ok. i officially started coloring my contest entry to a chinese newpaper holding a art contest. it ends on september 15th so i have plenty of time to do it. teehehe. but when i started i was totally dumbfounded. lol. i mean..i was all like 'uh....now what?? how do you color clouds with color pencils??? o_0' so i jsut did whatever and i think its horrible. TT.TT lol. but then i started on the black sky so i feel more confident now. xD hehe. when im done ill try to post a pic of it...maybe even submit it to theO. hehe.

then after that we went to yoga class....we were so late cuz the stupid desk people wouldnt let my cousin in becuz she was waiting for her bally's card to be sent to her....so they had to do all this computer stuff to verify if she was a memeber or not. *sigh* so annoying....lol. so when we went into the yoga class it was like almost halfway through. lol. we did this super crazy move [well super crazy for beginners like us of course] called hte 'plow' oh my god....its like rocking on yyour back bone but you dont ock and you hold your foot to teh ground above your head...O_O i did it but my damn boobs got inthe way and i couldnt breathe. haha. DAMMIT!!! wel yea. lol. i was all watching my mom and i was like ' WHOA! O_O crazy psycho yoga woman here. ' LOL. she was doing it as if it was nothing. im so jealous. haha.

after than we went home and wayched LOTS of tv. so much that i totally forgot about my computer. lol. that explains why i didnt visit some of you guys. i tried my best at ten minutes..i think i made most your sites. haha. YES!! o yea...MCR WAS ONTHE VMAS!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha me and EARM is having a bishie attack!!! WOOOEYYY!!!k...haha. fun time!!

wallpaper by jigglyness [me]

warning: follwing materials shows traces of cannibalism

LOL. man...poor ed...gluttony trying to eat him. ^_^

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