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Sunday, August 28, 2005


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Name: Sara
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hiya. sorry for not updateing for a coupleof days. haha. been kinda busy. alright heres how it goes:

friday: woke up at 7 to go to my schools pday [the day you turn in your forms/get your schedule for school] but the damn library keeps tellingme that i havent turned inthe books i used in sumemr school. i know i turned those f-ing books already. i turned them in the day i dropped out of summer school dammit. grr. so now theyre making me pay 33 bucks. stupid librarians...D< so i have to go back monday to pay then get my schedule. >[ ..then later my sister brought me to my grandmas house. my aunt tried to lie to me by saying we werent going the beach nomore..=_=....grr...yea. when we actually went to the beach we had some clam chowder!! YUM YUM. then after awhile we went to the 'fun factory'. haha. we spent like $40 on just tokens. lol. we got SOO many winning tickets. lol. ont he stands there was this guitar and i was all like O_O MUST GET!!! so i got it. haha. YAYA!!! i was all clinging onto it. ^_^ but when i got home i foudn out htere was a broken string. TT_TT so i ignored it and 'attempted' to play the other strings. haha. but hten my little cousin said my string weer loose so i tightened it and another string broke...=_=...grr...i was so sad. T.T but yea....heres a pic..its not all that great but better than nothing...

haha you can see hte broken strings.

saturday: well woke up to little kids screaming...=_=...i didnt even sleep tillike 3am and i wake up at 10:30 from screaming...jsut great....jeez...i woke up with my little cousin eric [see pics]

sleeping on top of me..=_=....weir d little kid. haha. well yea....haha. then later we waited for my uncle to drive my dad home fromthe air port. ^_^ MY DAD CAME BACK FROM CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W00T!!!!! haha. when we got home he was still jetlagged so he fell asleep REALLY early. haha. ^_^ my cousin also slept over. xD

ok made new wallpaper yesterday. xD

Warning: shinyness is cotagious

haha. so shiny....

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