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Thursday, August 25, 2005


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hey guys..sorry for the late update. alot happened today. lol. well..kinda. xD..first of all. I HAVE THE NEW THEME UP!!! i jsut realized that i havent done a roy theme yet so ta da!! here we go. haha. sorry i couldnt visit some people. like i said...alot happened today.

k woke up this morning with a bad back. haha. but its ok since i got LOTS of sleep. haha. bet your jealous katocool. LOL. im just playing. haha. anyways..woke up and went to my computer..ya kknow...just to check out my site..chated a little on neopets...then people started talking about food....made me SO freakin hungry...so i went into the pantry and BAM. all the junk food was gone. TT_TT *sniff* the housekeeper said that my mom woke up xtra early this morning and took away all the sweets since we ate them too fast!! FAST?!!! i barely even ate any of it!!!! DAMMIT!!!! TT_TT i was so sad. lol.

so after lunch i bloated myself with banana mocha shake. MWAHHAH!! the weird thing is that right after eating all that stuff i went to the scale and it said i lost 2 pounds...=_=...thats so weird. haha. yea.

then a little after that i made yet another wallpaper. haha. like i said last time...imma start making htem again. yaya. ^_^ lots of wallpapers to go around!! [click to new window]

then after that we had to go over to my grandmas house for dinner. ill try to spell it in canto....dah bein loe. hm..yea..i tried my best to make it sound like canto. LOL. but yea. my baby cousin justin was there!! HES SO CUTE!! too bad i dont have a pic. so many new babies. haha. and yea. my michievous little cousins were there too...haha. i got back at that little brat and smacked him hard....MWHAHAH!!! i almost killed him....pft. i woulda been laughing. *sigh* the good days. ^_^ yea then he got his mom pissed and KABOOM she exploded in his face. lol. it was kinds scary....*looks around* you don twanna get her mad. lol. yea...dinner was good. ^_^ meatballs!!

then my aunt made a mold of justins baby feet. haha. everyone was all trying to distract him...me nad my brother acted like retards and were all screaming 'AHH!! ITS GODZILLA!!!!!!!!'. haha. yea...everyone was all staring at us. LOL. i love entertaining babies. xD

haha then when we were backing out of the drive-way something totally shocking happened. my sister hit my moms car!!!! O_O i was so shocked. i mean i was like 'O_O' for like a whole minute until it finally sunk in....we. hit. moms. bmw. . . OMG. yea...crazy....my sister was all hyperventalating. we had to get my uncle to help us back out. the drive-way was very compicated when it was full of cars. and you know what he said....'i purposely let you park there to see your backing-out skills...'...=_=x...my sister is gonna be doubted for the rest of her life. lol. forever.

and yea...she was all freaking out on the drive home. haha. then she told my mom....right now were waiting for my mom to get home...lol...shes like a newrvous wreck right now...its kinda funny...

well im gonna go visit some sites and stuff. tomorrow im gonna go with my uncle to help them out with turning in their forms. my younger cousin that lives with me is finally going to sixth grade. lol. its weird...hes alot more mature than other sixth graders....maybe cuz he lives with me. haha. i taught him all he knows...hes like a twin...its weird. haha.

k today is not gonna be funny...its gonna be super UBERLY cute. ^_^

WARNING: the following picture contains shounen-ai [boyxboy love].

aww!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

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