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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

   7 minutes in heaven-fall out boys

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ok...the ride home was so weird. haha. ill explain later inthe post. ^_^ to keep you guys anticipating i will annouce the results of the contest tomorrow. MWAHHAHA!!!! ok i also changed the song on my site. for those who aren't familiar with fall out boy, this song is '7 minutes in heaven' by fall out boy. enjoy. ^_^ i love that song.

again....PLEASE VOTE FOR ME IN EDWARDELRICFAN'S CONTEST!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO THOSE WHO VOTED!!!! haha you guys have about three more days of me saying this. lol. three days to suffer. MWAHAH!

this morning heard my mom scream into the intercom for me and my sister to go to the gym. lol. i was like 'eh?....' for like two seconds and fell ack asleep. haha. ^_^ it was like WAY too early to even wake up. lol. i think it was around 9. like i said WAY too early to be up. haha. finally got out of bed a little after 11. lol.

yea i was pretty much bored the whole day trying to find something to do. haha. around 3-ish had to go on treadmill since i didnt do much yesterday [went to yoga class]. it was f-ing mumid outside too. *sigh* oh yea. i tripped onthe treadmilll so now im sporting a nice ginormous rainbow bruise on my knew. OH WHAT JOY! =_=x. my body officially hates me....

during dinner we had to eat......BITTER MELON O_O........it took us at least half an hour just to pick up the damn bowl. haha. SO nasty. how can people stand to eat it *shudders* just plain nasty. EWW. my cousins are so lucky. their parents give them 5 bucks for every piece they eat. and what do we get?....we get.......TUMMY ACHES! woo....what fun.

and now on to my explaination why my card ride was so weird....when we got to the gym my sister saw this really 'muscular' guy standing outside so shes all like 'wow....hoe leng uh [cantonese for 'so pretty']...' lol. then when we came out of the gym...guess what...he just came out too. so my sisters like 'hot damn....hot guy coming out' haha. she purposely walked SUPER slow just to 'cheerish' the vision shes getting. *sigh* then shes all like 'theyre gone' and guess what....right after she said that...they were right behind us walking up the stairs..so my sister was all like '♥.♥' haha. and then we walked to the car....and guess what again? [you must be tired me saying 'guess what' huh?] theyre car was righ tin front of ours. coincedence?? so the whole entire ride home was 'OMG HES SO HOT!!!' or 'I WANT HIM TO RAPE ME!!!' or 'ILL BE YOUR SEX SLAVE!!OH GOD PLEASE TAKE ME!!!'..........*sigh* yes..the whole entire time.....and while she was doing that..she decided to put on her cd full of 'sex songs'.......just great.....i was stuck in the car with a rabid fangirl of hot asian guys......

k enough of that. haha. i go read more sasunaru fanfics!!! *poof* im gone.


haha oh man.....i never knew inu no taisho [no one knows his real name....inu no tiaso is supposedly his title] is one laid back dad. lol.

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