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Sunday, August 14, 2005

   seether - the gift

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well sorry for the late update. ^_^ haha i just realized that i barely have over 100 guestbook signings!!! YAY!! thank you all!! okie doke. for the contest. i am done with the scores since one of the judges are not answering my PM's. so i should have all the banners and everything by tomorrow at the fastest. but the bad thing is that there is a tie between two sites. haha. well I'll just have to make two seperate banners for them. xp.

speaking of contests..[i know our sick of hearing this but..] PLEASE VOTE FOR ME IN EDWARDELRICFAN'S CONTEST. ^_^ i just noticed that for her contest that im in every single catagory. LOL. so funny. i never expected to be in all of them. lol. i was even in best greetings, nicest myO, most helpful, best avi, and everything else. i was all like o_0 who in their right minds would vote for me in those catagories. LOL. you people are SOOOO funny. you crack me up badly people. xD

ok this morning kinda woke up late. was almost late to bowling practice. haha. i knew i shoudve slept earlier *smack myself* jeez. well yea my first game was HORENDOUS. literally. i got half of my average. TT_TT thats so sad. i guess thats what i get for not practicing before the real game. im starting to REALLY suck at it. its kinda sad.....right when i thought i would get better *sigh* but the other games werent as bad. but overall we won 3 of out 4. so thats pretty good since our opponents had a HUGE handicap agaisnt us. their hadicap was 199. O_O just cuz they were little kids >[ grr. but overall it was pretty ok. x] then got home and pretty much read fanfics all day...[and yes they were yaoi >.< teeehehe. bad girl! *slaps myself*]

my mom came home with a whole trunk full of food. haha. she said it was $870+ worth of food and junk. O_O damn. she went nuts at costco. LOL. i think thats where my sister gets her shopping habits. lol. crazy. then after dinner she went out with my aunt to go dancing. ^^ theyre actually REALLY good at ballroom dancing. haha. its like whooosh.

hm...what else to say. oh yea. the dent in my leg from yesterday is gone. haha. but now i have this HUGE ass scratch on my arm TT_TT thoe detergent buckets are so damn heavy. it scratched the hell outta my arm TT_TT im such a klutz. *sigh*

to be continued.....tomorrow.

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