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Friday, July 29, 2005

   from here to eternity

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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Location:California, USA
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im starting to hate my sister. >[ everything i do is wrong for her. i swear. she gets mad at everything i say and do. its like she just cant accept me. i mean i respect her in everyway [well almost] and she doesnt respect at all. it pisses me off that she always has to be right and i always have to be wrong. ever since he and her bf got together.....i mean at times shes awesome but like when she gets all bitchy....she REALLY is a bitch. >[ shes changed so much....

but im jsut gonna keep living my life. ^_^ ok ive decided to keep this theme until sesshlover18's contest is over...since i made it to the next round/level? yea. so until that ends the poll is still gonna be up. ^_^ but it looks like bleach is in the lead. x]



well today didnt go into the sauna but i worked out my arms till they felt like they were gonna fall off. haha. its not a lot but after a while 30 pounds start to get heavy ya know. haha. and once i again. i get to see naked people. xD LOL. its still so weird for me. its like theyre not afraid....of course why would they. haha. were all girls. ^_^ i told my friend that and hes all jealous now. LOL. what a perv....but yea i forgot my stupid card so my sister got pissed at me. like always. then when she took a shower i asked her if she jsut wanted to go home to dry her hair instead of waiting inthe line. then she got all pissed at me again saying im always complaining! WHAT THE HELL! I WAS SO NOT COMPLAINING! >[ pisses me off.

when i got home fell asleep on my bed...hehe. took a little nap...finalyl catching up on my sleep since im waking so damn early now. @_@ my body cant handle it!!!!!!!! maybe cuz ive slept in so much. *shrug*

then my sister pissed me off even more by saying i wasnt allowed on the computer ALL day! so i started talking back. then she starts to yell at me for talking back!! WHAT THE HELL!!!! but because of my stubborness i made her let me on at 3. MWAHAHA! i will get what i want or else!! *glares*

after dinner went to swim with my little cousins. theyre so cute...especially when you tickle them. haha. anyways.

im still having REALLY less people participate in the theme contest [banner/sig contest canceled cuz no one signed up] so if you dont mind can you guys help me gather some people? xie xie....or arigato or in canto. doe jie [the closest i can get it] or gracias. xDD




hakudoushi and a mary-go-round entei. LOL. whatta cutey. ^_^

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