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Monday, July 18, 2005

   i guess myotaku isnt dead after all.....

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thanks for those who sugested that i host a contest. i think i should do that. the thing is that what kinda of contest?? theme? graphics? jokes? i dunno. but yea. thanks for the suggestions. also made a new wallpaper today. i really like it so please go take a look. comments and feedback appreciated. its naruto and some of the guys. ;] heres the link

well just came back from my aunts house. she asked me to go over to help her do some stuff. woke up this morning REALLY tired. all the little kids destroyed my room. i was like SOO pissed. i had to like yell at everyone. but yea when it got late the little kids left so me and some of the older "kids" played cards and everything. the thing is that when we played spoons we were playing it with color pencils...crazy girls + color pencils + sheets = dirty colorful sheets......yea. so now my bed is like orange, green, blue, and pruple. *sigh* just great. but yea. my little cousin fell asleep on my floor too. he wouldnt wake up. we had to like drag him out so i can sleep. lol. funny. thats pretty much it that happened. today i just helped clean the house up. and of course there was a whole bunch of drama with the pearents and everything. they were all talking crap about the people that took all the food home before anyone went home. theres always too much drama hapening at parties....thats why i dont rreally like them so much.....and now my mom is trying to restrict me to like only 2 hours of computer time. that just plain unfair. not my fault theres nothing to do at home. *sigh* but yea..hopefully she wont go through with her threat. hehe. or else id go nuts. ^_^

LOL. perv.

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