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Sunday, July 3, 2005

in my world...you dont exist

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well today was pretty much broing once again. you know im starting to like it better when im at school since im actually doing something..*sigh* well in the morning went bowling and got into an arguement with my emo-like brother. once again taking things too seriously when im just joking around. [you should know i joke around alot already] and yea. got me pissed off just cuz he didnt get what he wanted. that spoiled brat. HMPH! then went home and cleaned out my cousins hamster cage...its kinda weird how i end up cleaning up the hamster cage instead of the owner...*glares grumpily* jeez. im like their slave or something. >[

i just finished watching samurai champloo and s-cry-ed and inuyasha. samurai champloo is awesome. i noticed that jin is somewhat like sasuke. just not as non-social. but still quiet. hehe. so cute...kinda. then during inuyasha i was all squealling. lol. yea...i saw sessh ^_^ my cousin was all yelling at me to shut up. lol. he cracks me up. but yea. watching tv was probly the highlight of the day....how boring. *sigh* on with the misery. T.T

haha i love irukas face here. its like someone caught in surprise while eating ramen. lol. *pinches irukas cheeks* SO CUTE!!

o yea and once again another wallpaper. xD check it out. download it here

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