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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

   woo hoo!

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well today was pretty good. we had a minimum day. we got to leave school at 12:15 cuz of finals! WOHOO! well finally finished my damn kimono. lol. i personally dont like it since its kinda plain to me. haha. but ill try posting it up tomorrow since im too lazy to do it right now. LOL.

ok then took my history final which surprisingly was really easy. my teacher is so awesome. he only gave us 18 questions!! O_O i expected a lot more. lol. and then he let us see wat we got on the test and i got a B!! usually i get c+ on all my test!! he makes hte funniest jokes too. lol. their not lame. isnt that surprising?!! haha.

then i went home and read some fanfics. then when my cousin came over we went to blockbuster to buy more dvds. ^_^ we got "oceans twelve", "princess diaries 2" [my cousin picked that] , and i chose orphen season2 volume1. there werent any good animes there so i picked the best of the pile. ^_^ . so now here i am doing nothing. lol. gotta run the mile tomorrow morning right before lunch. T.T thats gonna suck for sure.

heres the poll again

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haha dont you just love the face he has on. lol. so cute. xD

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