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Friday, June 10, 2005

   slip out.

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Name: Sara
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man you GOTTA watch the anime "Beck" if you love guitars or rock music. damn. i just finished watching all 26 episodes and OH MY GOD!! i love IT!!!!!!!!!!! its so good. its about this 14 year old guy name koyuki who tries to learn how to play a guitar after listening to a really awesome band called "the dying breed". he learns how to play a guitar by his swimming instructor, saitou.[he reads swimsuit magazines and is REeALLY funny]. well anyways to make a story short. he gets in this band made up of ryuusuke [hes so coool], Taira [the hottest bassist guitarist ive ever seen *drool*], Chiba [super funny and can kick ass^^], and Saku [a tranfer student who has the same taste in almost everything with koyuki. theyre really good friends]. they get into this really awesome contest thing where they get super lots of fans and everything. but after the show they split. koyuki tries to reunite the band abd does. trust me theyre SUPER good. theres also this side story as to how ryuusuke got his guitar, Lucille, and his dog, Beck [yes they named the band after his dog]. lol. Taira got REEALLLLLY hot abs. LOL.

anyways enough about beck. today was a lot better than yesterday for sure. ^^ in english class from now on we're gonna play games. lol. how fun. we're also getting our yearbooks tomorrow....ot today depends on wat time of the day it is.lol. friday. yea. then after i took a long walk with my sister after dinner, i watched dodgeball with my cousin. that explains the late post. lol. it wasnt as funny as i expected it to be. but it was still funny. lol. "oh snap"..LOL. i love that part at the end. my sister says that all the time. haha. o yea today is the last day to vote for me for SKF's layout/theme contest. so if you have not already voted for someone, vote for me yea? i dont really care if you vote for me or not. ^^ its just for fun. xP

Pic of the Day

i thought this pic was really nice so i decided to post it up. haha. its drawn by i-s-p. you can look for their work on deviantart. ^^ i like the colors. ^_^

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