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Wednesday, June 8, 2005


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well i dont htink ive ever been this busy in a while. currently working on four major projects due tomorrow. @_@ i cant believe i procrastinate THAT much. dammit. *sigh*

woke up SUPER late htis morning and got in trouble with my sister for oversleeping. in art we are currently working on making paper kimono designs. *sigh* mine is so plain. lol.then in math i find out my percentage went up by 6 percent. im SOOOOO close to a C- now. lol. i know sounds pathetic but ive been trying to bring up my grade since its the end of the year. if i get a C this semester than that means all io have to make up is first semester. YES!

then in sixth we watched a video on letters written by soldier in the vietnam war. they even showed this guys penis. lol. sorry but it was weird. he was a soldier too. o_O then after school me and my sister went to go get our coin collection cashed. hehe. mine wasnt that much since i wasnt saving for so long. but mine still ended being $50.52. yay! it was mainy quarters. LOL. i was a quarter freak not that long ago. haha.

so but there will be no pic of the day today since im still doing hw that will end up being an all nighter. @_@ *sigh* i procrastinate too much. LOl. so instead of a pic today there will be FANART!! yaya. anyways heres the link to my new fanart. vote please. hehe. i saw some people were all voting no's again. lol. losers. they didnt even tell why they did. damn flamers. HMPH. anwyays. gotta continue work!! i keep getting distracted. @_@

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