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Saturday, June 4, 2005

   how to deal - franki j

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well yesterday was a lot more interesting than any day so far. during lunch k-rock [the radio station] came to our school with this rock band and played for us. they were also giving out free stuff. everyone was alll nuts. people were like killing each other for bumer sticker....-___- weird people. they were also throwing out free cds of the band that was playing. they werent that good. but people still fouhgt over it. they were even throwing out shoes. LOL. funny. then after school we went to take family pictures with the family. we also took pictures for my sunts wedding. hehe. the photographers were all squeaking this rubber duck to make us smile and OMG. i couldnt stop laughing. they were SOOOO FOBBISH!!! so much that i couldnt help but laugh. it was funn tho. lol. then later last night we went to go bowling since today we got dentist appointment. no bowling today. lol. like i said yesterday....I HATE DENTIST!!! bowling was pretty funn even though i sucked like crazy. *sigh* anyways.....

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AWW!!! so CUTE!!!! this pic from s-cry-ed. its yaoi but who cares. its so adorable!!!! ^^

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