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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

   yanky doodle came to london riding on a pony.

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ok. i changed my site ALOT. as you can tell. ^^ i like it. haha. anyways....today watch a whole bunch of new anime. ^^ i watched "speed grapher", "prince of tennis" and "tsubasa". speed grapher id say is more rated towards older teen [16+] since it has some graphic scenes [boobs] and lots and lots of blood and violence. haha. i think thats wat made it so funn for me to watch . ^^ . then i went swimming with my mom and baby cousin. hes so damn adorable!! he was all afraid of the water [even though he was the one who wanted to swim] so he wouldnt stop clingin to me. *sigh* he had on a life jacket too. lol. such a dork at times. then i helped him take a bath. he was all covering his private parts. HAHAHA. its not like ive never seen a naked little boy. i used to have to give my little broher baths. *sigh* then he started making these cute howling noises. so cute.

later on after dinner we went walking around the street and we went to look at this house in construction and OMFG that house was GINORMOUS. im so jealous. lol. then we brought our little cousin to the school to play. ^^ thats pretty much all that happened. overall pretty boring. *sigh* on with the show.

Pic Of The Day

yuki! awesome pic of him. its wat i see everytime someone mentions him. haha. he looks so innocent. ^^

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