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Sunday, May 29, 2005

   my toe doesnt hurt anymore. ^^

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guess wat? my toe doesnt hurt anymore!!! YAY!!! well today in bowling was horrible. seriously. it was horrible. first off my cuzn just plain pissed me off when he ditched me for food. literally. he ditched me cuz he saw food. kinda got me depressed bout it too. it made me feel that food was more important than my feelings so that just got me to do horrible. i got one of my lowest scores ive ever gotten today. *sigh* but then it got better when all of a sudden my little cuzn eric came while we were still bowling. hes such a cute dork. lol. i had these little cute winnie hte pooh key chain thingys and he was all making these funny noises while playing with them. and he gave me a bear hug!!! he jsut brightens up my day. lol.

came back and watched some more anime. trinity blood is officially on my MUST-DOWNLOAD anime list. its SOOOO awesome. abel grew these awesome black wings that made me fall in love. *drool* and he has these red eyes and fangs. hes like a beast. lol. ok...ill stop now. ive noticed all day all ive eaten was noodles and bread. ALL DAY! weird. and then my baby cousin WOULDNT stop crying ALL day. jeez. giving me headaches. serously that little crybaby. literally. LOL. but yea. she wouldnt shut up. she was all crying for no reason. that lil brat. haha.

o yea if its not too much trouble could ya vote for me for SKF's contest thingy. if you havent noticed i slightly changed my site for the contest. just slightly tho. ^^. anyways on with it.

Pic Of The Day

hot pic. done by azelyn @ DA. awesome artist. my fav artist right now. ^^ Enjoy.

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