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Saturday, May 28, 2005

   now plaing: IBU - Say No More

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<~ haha. funny. well yesterday was pretty good. since it was firday and all. ^^ im PE we played volleyball and i almost broke my fingernail!! O_O. never broken one so i was all freaking out. lol. luckily it didnt break off. xD then for english since we're learning bout racism and discrimination [since we're reading To Kill A Mockingbird ] so we're watching MALCOM X. the one with denzel washington. its so interesting so far. we saw the KKK. but for some reason theres this one scene they were wearing black. arent they supposed to wear white robes?? confused. lol. then in art class, my teacher was pet-sitting someones mouse and it escaped out of the bucket. lol. it was SOO cute. its was white and puny. so in the end they put it in this tall box so it cant jump out. lol. yea it can jump. LOL.

after school watched bleach and trinity blood 1 and 2. its SOO bloody...literally. haha. but its so cool tho. theres this guy named tres. hes awesomely awesome. when my parents came home they "attempted" to clean out our garage and made me help them. >[ grr. then when i was moving our mini motorcycles one fel on my toe and now theres like a hole chunk of skin and meat missing from my toe. its all wrapped up in bandages and everything. i accidently bumped in to my door so now my toe is COMPLETELY numb. T_T so sad. i could barely walk up the stairs without tripping over my damn toe. >[ ARGH! then dinner came and i felt kinda sick from my toe. its kinda weird. it made me feel sick. o_O

Pic of the Day

this is Abel. hes the main character in the anime i was talking bout earlier, trinity blood. hes really cool and i LOVE his hair!!! ^_^ seriously. its so cool. hes a priest/krsnik. a krisnik is a vampire who feeds off of other vampires. its kinda confusing but its soo cool. when he turns into a krsnik his hair goes DBZ style. its so cool too since his hair is silverish grey. xDDD i luv guys with silver/greyish hair. its so hot. and he can make this awesome sword with vampire blood. its so cool.

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