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Friday, May 27, 2005

   peter piper picked a pack of pickled peppers.

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<~ its very true. lol.

well its a late post today again but i got GREAT news...at least for me it is. ^^ i got an invitation letter from PEOPLE TO PEOPLE: FUTURE LEADERS SUMMIT!!!!!!! O_O OMG. i always freaked ot when my mom told me i got a letter from them!! im so excitedd!! ive never been an excellent student for any of my teachers but hte letter said my art teacher recommended me! man i luv her. tomorrow shes gonna see a happy me for sure! yippie!!

ok enough of that. this morning woke early for a change. i dunno how i managed to get outta bed but yea ok. boring day cept for a pep assembly. we had "arcadian idol"......i never knew out school lacks so much singing talent. *sigh* the only good thing bout it was this really funny junior doing this crazy michael kaskson dance while singing to justin timberlake. LOL. hilarious. but yea. our percussion group rocks. it was uber good. ^^

after school watch half of Mulan 2. the skinny guy is SOO funny. his jokes are so lame that theyre funny. its so cute too. then after dinner we wached naruto. its so weird not knowing wats gonna happen since the other episodes i already knew wats gonna happen since i already read hte manga. but now it "somewhat" amusing. somewhat. lol. then spent bout an hour at the school playing catch and tennis. cam eback took a shower. watched bleach. bleach is so good. ^^ so cute too!!

pic of the day

AWW!!! super cute kakashi!!!!! *GLOMP* you know you love him too!!

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