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Monday, May 23, 2005

   shake it off - mariah carey

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ok well today was ok. woke up sweating like a pig. i dont think ill be able to survive the summer like this. T_T its like KILL ME ALREADY!! *sigh* then later on around lunch time it got so hot that me and my cousin just jumped into the pool to cool ourselves down. we swam for hours until we got all wrinkly and pruny. lol. my little cousin got stung by a wasp in our pool. its kinda weird. but yea. shes so cute. she didnt even ccry like how most little kids would if they got stung. that cutie. ^^ shes like one of the only little kids i can live around. everyone else id just kill myself...or them. haha. too bad that was the most exciting part of my day. T_T

then me and my cousin walked to 7-eleven to help my housekeeper buy some chinese newspaper. it was so DAMN hot!!!! jeez. if i were an egg id be deep fried already. @_@ we even brought this HUGE ASS umbrella with us to privide "some" shade. why cant it be winter in summer?! *lies on the floor crying* even in the house its freakin hot. for some reason the AC is not working in the front house but it works out in the poool house......WAT THE HELL!!! thats so not fair. so we have to resort to a fan to cool us off even this late. its still so damn hot. i think we're all gonna die from global warming. yup. thats our fate......well at least mine. >[ ARGH! WE NEED SNOW OR RAIN OR SOME TYPE OF COLDNESS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was so bored today that i spent most of the day playing neopets. i even made a whole new guild. made hte layout and everything. it was funn. cept now that ive actually mad eit i have to work on it. T_T im just WAY too lazy to do anything anymore. >[ why cant life be simple?! *rips out hair*

pic of the day
ok well today pic is VERY cute to me. especially since is my KAKASHI-SENSEI!!!!! *squeals* kakashi will forever be my favorite person in naruto so MWAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!! enjoy the kakashi-ness. x]

well im off to go drown myself in ice water ^^

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