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Saturday, May 21, 2005

   i got attacked by a piece of paper. xD

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well yes....i actually got attacked by a pice of paper. -_____- it was scary. LOL.
ok well today was alrite. cept i was literally dying out there. it was so hot that i ran to every single one of my classes with AC on. T_T so sad. yea. my second period was also two hours long since we had a pops concert [schools music programs put on a cencert for the school]. it was actually pretty good. the orchestra was awesome. the band and singing was kinda boring bnesides the centeurs. they were actually kinda interesting since they had these really good solos and they did all these funny dances. ^^. then i spent hte rest of hte second period just listening to my ipod. -____-- it was SOOOO boring!

then after school i almost died waiting for my sister to come to her car in the sun. T_T I WANT COLD WEATHER!!! i cant stand this heat. god. everytime we open a door you can feel the heat waves entering the room. @_@ luckily my sister was parked under the tree...but it was still damn suffocating in the car. o_O jeez. i wanna live in alaska. its actually not that cold there around this time of the year. ^^.

also watched a new anime. its called basilisk. its do damn boring. the plot kinda sucks too. so i wouldnt recommend people getting it unless your into the whole body-stretching-messed-up-faced-too--non-bishie-like anime. ^^ so this is SO not for me....does anyone know when the dubbed naruto is going to come out on tv? i heard toonami gave it this retarded name that made me doubt how popular the show will be. i heard it was gonna be called "the adventures of ned"....................i nearly choked when i heard this. O_O. god. i hate the dubbing people. why cant they just air it on adultswim instead?! they jsut totally ruined hte show!! damn bastards!!

pic of the day
well its another comic by sorako. this was pretty funny . ^^

haha. well enjoy this for now. i think im gonna get a new theme again early next week. im not sure. it all depends how lazy i get. LOL.

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