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Friday, May 11, 2007

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May 10th 11:36PM

Well I'll try to keep this post short since I don't have much to talk about today. This morning almost wasn't able to get up again because of my bad habit of staying up late and doing nothing productive until midnight. That's when I do my homework. haha. anyways. today english class, this group actually did a really good presentation of a short story that we had to present [I talked about this last time about presentation for a whole hour]. I laughed almost the whole time. And that's pretty rare in an English class...if you know what I mean. XD

after school munky came over and we just hung out at my house for a while. Ate ramen and talked some more. then cooked rice and helped prepare food for dinner. After dinner, we went swimming. I didn't swim for personal reasons...girls. you know what i mean. ;]

then a whole bunch of my sisters friends came over to get ready for clubbing night. they go "dancing" on thursdays. haha. most of them have friday off so yeah.....lucky. After they left, I started to work on the painting again and for once, its not going by slow. I'm still in them middle of painting it. I'm just taking a break to update. XD

and that's my day. *sigh* today was pretty hot again. but not as hot as yesterday. yesterday was SOO freakin hot. i hate living next in a desert area. maybe that's why its so much hotter over here than somewhere else in CA. Lindsey, what part of CA did your parents go to? cuz i'm pretty sure if they were in Southern California, they wouldnt think it was cold....=.= no way in hell.....

anyways. toodles kiddies. :]

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