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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

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YAY!! its finally spring break. forgot to update the last couple of days so yeah. on Friday , most of the junior English classes had their 1920's party because we finished the great Gatsby. all week i was stressing about our group since we were assigned to teach the whole entire class two dances from the 20's. It's pretty hard just learning it, so teaching the class was pretty hard. BUT luckily my teacher liked our group and we got 30 of 30. XDD yaya. then later that night my cousin and I went to the second annual battle of the bands at our school. There were more bands than last year but the bands weren't that great. there was only a few pretty good bands. i shouldn't have sat in the front row. i especially regretted it when the post-hardcore bands started to scream and do their devil-ish yelling. after a while it wasn't that bad but at the beginning...man did it hurt. there was this one REALLY good metal band though. :)

on Saturday my mom worked us to clean the whole house but then we went to watch "blades of glory". man that movie is freakin hilarious. i think my mom was laughing harder than me. lol. great movie if you love the stupid kind of funny. i ♥ will. then Sunday went to rose hills to visit my grandpa who passed away a month after I turned 8.

Monday worked on chem project with friend. my teacher is still assigning us a project even through spring break T.T she hates us.

and then today went paint balling with my friends. It was my first time so yeah. i wore like two pants and three layers on the top. i deeply regretted wearing so many layers because it was a hot day and inside was freakin hot. my whole face had sweat dripping down. haha. but some of the guys in our groups are so freakin violent. they shoot each other within only a couple of feet. lol. this one guy, James has this HUGE ASS bruise on his arm since he only had on a t-shirt. lol. and then my friend Brian's leg was bleeding because he was wearing shorts to the knees and got shot in the calf. but seriously. the guys have no mercy. i got shot in the boobers a couple of times...and it hurt like hell. >.< but my team did manage to win. i was actually the last one standing in one of the games. WOOT! but then later these two guys [who were like pro] helped the other team and killed us. my whole entire team was shot in the chest area. its funny how people slide. good times. were definitely gonna go back later this month. :) yay.

then after we went to my friend Alan's house and chilled for a bit. we dipped a little in the jacuzzi. when i was about to leave i accidentally locked my keys inside my trunk. =.= i was taking out all the paint filled clothes from the trunk and forgot i had the keys in my trunk and then closed it. i had to call my mom to bring my spare keys. haha. how embarrassing. and then tomorrow more chem project =.= oh the joy....

i said i would upload my painting for the patriotic contest but forgot so maybe later on this week. i have the pic in my phone and too lazy to upload it. XD

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