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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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so its time to update again. it's gonna be a long post...i have a feeling. :) anyways. Friday went to my cousins house for dinner. It was alright beside the fact that my aunts were really rude to me. They're from my dad's side. They don't like my mom and us siblings very much except for my little brother. They're very high school like, hating other people for stupid reasons. I mean c'mon, we're family right? but they don't care. Even my mom knows that they talk behind our backs. but we can't really do anything, espcially since they only hate my mom because she makes more money than them. it's pretty stupid. they think me and my sister are spoiled and that we treat my little brother unfairly. They don't even know the whole story and they talk smack.[Maybe I'll tell the story about him another day]. It really pisses me off cuz my mom treats them so well and all they can do is talk behind my mom's back and treat her like shit.anyways. later that night, my mom and other aunt [from my mom's side] went out a little and told us that my dad was bringing us home. Later we find out that my dad left without us. =.= we called him to come back but he refused and told us to ask someone else to bring us back home, but the thing is that no one else lives around our area. so eventually I had to MAKE my dad pick us up. It was a little messed up.

SATURDAY: my cousins wedding day! k. i was supposed to wake up at 7 and wake up my sister's boyfriend, aka Berto. but being as stupid as i was, i fell back asleep. lol. didn't wake up again till 7:30. lucky me, my sister woke him up at 6. lol. my sister slept over at my cousins house cuz she's her bridesmaid. so yeah. @ 8:30 my dad FINALLY wakes up and gets ready..the tea ceremony starts at 9. =.= we arrived around 9:20-ish...weird thing is, we were actually here before a lot of the people. haha. anyways. turns out that my cousin christine's [the one getting married] parents bought two brand new cars but refused to let christine borrow their car for the wedding. now that is freaking messed up especially since her parents new that she nor her husband-to-be made that much money at all. But Rick's [the husband-to-be] sweet and kind friend rented a cadillac for them. aww. it was a really nice car too. :o

That'll be part one of wedding story. since the post is getting rather long ya know....lol.

k finally got my stipple project back. I'll upload it to my DA account tomorrow. too lazy right now. haha. i also got a certificate for making the top 13 for the stipple contest. :) now that's the first thing I've actually won for art. haha. weird. I'll also upload the pic I did for the patriotism contest that we just finished. :)

damn....still got homework..=.=

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