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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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Name: Sara
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so haven't updated in a few days. darn. lol. anyways. Sunday went to tournament. did horribly. I never really cared about this tournament anyways. XD right after went to my friends b-day party after helping my aunts with errands and stuff. dead tired already. then at friend's house it felt really weird because i only knew 2 people beside the birthday girl. but yeah. as soon as she saw the card i made her, she was shrieking like a mad woman. lol. then when she saw the other gift, she freakin tackled me. haha. but i was glad i made her happy. :] such a little munky.

school is just as boring as ever. I'm gonna go to summer school since i don't wanna take econ and gov in my senior year so I'm taking it during the summer since we're not going anywhere except for a cruise. next year I'm pretty much having all easy-A classes. XD KYAHAHHA!!! the only required class I'm taking next year is English. WOOT. so here's my classes:

First semester


Art Honors

Mandarin 3

Screen printing

Food Science

Creative Writing Online [it gives me a free 6th period = NO 6TH PERIOD!!!]

Second Semester


Art Honors

Mandarin 3

Screen printing

Culinary Science

Creative Writing Online [YES!]

Culinary Arts [7th period after school]

so I still haven't seen 300. For the whole month of march I haven't had time AT ALL to go watch it. Maybe next week...since This Saturday is my cousin's wedding all day. She's having three different ceremonies. :o dang. First she's having the traditional Chinese tea ceremony [this part is fun because the husband side of the family has to bribe the women with money to let them into the house XD] then she's going to go to the church since her fiance is Christian. Then later that night, we have the whole Chinese banquet thing. I'm sure Alex would know what I'm talking about right? ;]

anyways. super long post already. ^^' heh.....

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