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Saturday, March 17, 2007

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Name: Sara
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hey there kids. another update ;] wow. i'm doing a fantabular job at consistently updating. O.O whooo!

anyways. i did manage to finish up most of the painting i'm doing for the patriotism contest. Just to clear it up from last time, I'm not entering this contest for the money. It's a class assignment, its not optional. So I'm doing this for a grade. if it's good enough, it will win some money. *shrug*

in Japanese, we're not really doing anything extraordinary unless you count every friday watching jap dramas. heh. ^^'.

english, history and chem, i really dont wanna talk about since they are my most dreaded classes. =.= friday just took my chem test and i'm pretty sure i was close to fail cuz i didn't study. dang. school sucks. then after school some stupid biotch almost hit me inthe school parking lot. she just sped through the parking spaces and wasn't even looking at where the hell she was going and stopped like half a foot away from my car. There were witnesses too. and all she did was give a little "heh ^^'" and drove off. what a stupid little whore. that was the second time this week. god i hate arcadia drivers. they dont know how to drive. not to be racist or anything but asians were not made to drive on the road. seriously. every person that has almost hit me was a asian female. does anyone see something wrong with that???!!! I DO!!!

anyways. tomorrow i probably wont be able to update or visit since i have another bowling tournament hosted by Pepsi. then after that, i have to go to my friends b-day party. i'm not too sure how long that might last either. lol. but i'm pretty sure i'll be dead tired from bowling. =.=

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