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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

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Name: Sara
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Ok so I said I would update more so here I am. ^_^ at least its not like a month in between posts. haha. ok anyways. Friday night my aunt actually managed to persuade my mom to let me and my cousin go bowling. woot. I'm not exactly too sure about my brother since he wasn't able to go anyway because he had saturday school [haha sucker]. So after that, there wasn't much going on at all...well I can't remember if anything happened...*thinks hard*

Sunday. I decided not to go to my art class cuz I was WAY too tired to get up and actually paint. =.= . speaking of art, I finally have 2 new drawings up in my fanart section. I'm too lazy to give you the link though. ^^' heh. I was actually working on a new wallpaper yesterday but right when I was saving, my photoshop died on me and I never got to save. T.T I was like completely done too!!! I got so mad. So mad that I don't even want to remake it again. lol. but i actually liked this one too...especially since i haven't made a wallpaper in like a century. haha. BUT. Today i actually started on the new layout I said i was going to make. XDDD and SURPRISE! its not anime. gasp. I dont think I have ever made a non anime layout....have I? I dont think so...

so yeah....that's pretty much all I've got for you guys to get excited for me this time. lol. jk. I look forward to getting back into my obsessed computer using habits again ;]

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