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Friday, February 9, 2007

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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Location:California, USA
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wow. its sure been a while since I've updated ey? Well I decided not to do my homework tonight so I could update. haha. ^^' but anyways. a lots been happening...kind of.

Anyways. I found out the results of the "Tour for the Cure" contest. Congrats to the winners. But then i just found out today about the whole scam with AnimeFF and the convention. never thought that could've happened...

I've also lost my privilege to go bowling on Saturdays due to my brother's bad grades. I know, stupid isn't it? But my mom thinks its fair to punish all of us for my brother's stupidity. The only way to be able to bowl again is if my brother's grade improved...which the grades should come in anyday now. He better have gotten better grades....=.= or he will have to die >DD

at school everyday we'll be in school 6 minutes longer so we can have more shortened days...you know...I would have really liked this idea if only instead of leaving earlier on certain days, we got to come to school at like 9am instead....that would've totally gotten my vote. psh.

but anyways. I'm thinking about finally changing my theme once again...but to be able to do that i need to at least take 2 days of not doing homework. =.= boohoo.... but i will really try to be more active in the myotaku community [this time for sure] ♥

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