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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh my gosh!!! Yeah, like in the previous post that i...posted...i haven't been on here for awhile. My life has been sooooo greatXD And I've changed so much too (physically and emotionally). Let me fill you all in. I used to be all sad and depressed, just a little bit. But then i started to try and think positive so i could feel better about me. I used to think that i was soooo ugly and i cared sooooo much about what people thought about me, but now i think as myself as beautiful and i dont care if you think i'm ugly or not. Then I started to listen to different songs, like actually happy songs instead of the usual depressing and suicidal songs. I mean, i still like all those songs, but those songs don't control my life anymore. I finally feel soo free and it feels so good to have freedom...even if my mom is still strictXD Another reason why I was so sad was because I thought that I wouldn't ever find the one. But on May 28, i found my one and we are togetherXD His name is Jesse and he is really sweet. He's really cute and some people think he's a man whore and all that shit but he's not, if you actually sit down and get to know him, you'll understand him completely...i mean how can a freakin 13 year old be a man whore?!?!?! Do 13 year olds even know the real definition of that term???? Because i really dont think so. He always says that he loves me, and there are these times where he can be the most sweetest person on earth and say how much he loves me. And it's not made up either...you can just tell he means it. I love him=) And this weekend were going to the mallXD YayzerzzzzXDXDXD And another thing, i always use smiley face=) I dont really know why exactly...i just do. I think it just keeps me in a positive mood for the whole....whateverXD And for all my friends on MyO, i'm sorry i havent been on here for awhile, i mean that whole time, i was trying to find myself and now that i have i'm so happy=) So to all my friends out there, i'm back for goodXDXDXD And i missed everybody=) Just ask me about whatever if you want to know more or whateverXD PEACE OUT DOOD=)
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