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OH!! Irashaimase!!! I'm very happy to be here ^_^ All is well alive & kickin'.Now is the time for me to shine ^_^
Let our eyes behold the beauty of Anime ART. Let our hearts be heard & share the feeling of joy. Peace be with you all!!! If any full view of my art go to www.geocities.com/ani_freaks ^_^
Gomen nasai for the sizes

Saturday, May 23, 2015

   Hi 2015
Wow... this is amazing I haven't posted anything here in like forever. Just got really really busy with soul searching, work, and other cheesy happenings in my so called life. But i just want to update to let you know i still now and then check this site and hopefully post more artworks, rantings and the likes. So yeah still alive here folks. See ya round' ^_^
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

As much as i want to spend time in drawing or even for the rest of my life but i need to venture in other fields on earning money for a living... i live on my own now and not relaying on my parents anymore... so i might be very busy and will be missing in action again... but of course in my rest days i will take time to draw to my hearts content.
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My first time in taking one... well its a language assessment interview that is required for us to pass before going on product training and i was very happy to hear that I'm one of those who passed.

It was nerve wrecking since i was the last one to know. All thanks to the last letter of my surname. Yes, it was in alphabetical order... hehehe...

Well now that the clouds have cleared.

I see a brighter future ahead...

Special thanks to George my narrator for giving me passing remarks. <3 I'm forever grateful :D

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

   rereading my previous post since day 1 here in My O
It really amuses me on how my rants were way back in what 2004ish and until now. Great stuff was i was able to redo my 1st and i think only HXH yaoi fanfic. I was amazed of what i did back then. Glad MyO still is alive and kicking and im forever grateful for this wonderful site~! Love you too MYO more power~!
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Friday, June 22, 2012

   whatssup now
hi lotsa stuff happened my mother died last year jan10 then my father is like loose from the leash humping every girl whose willing then got remarried a year later just this march. Gosh i never knew about it well, id never attend anyways and that girl has the same age and name as me wow my middle name starts w/ E if ever there's another one w/ V thats the imposter. Neh im not living in our house anymore i can survive on my own. I cant also bear to see my father all rejoicing my mother died i guess he was just force to marry mom since i was a responsibility. Well drawing and watching anime was always my escape in oh so cruel life & helped me create a dream.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

i never knew i can still get in the account hahah
glad to be back. I'll update recent works, thanks for visiting more power to you :D Anywhere on the globe

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