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Hey everyone!!
welcome to MY otaku!!lol!!
i hope you enjoy reading my posts n junk and please comment if you want i dont want to force you!!
i would also appreciate any guestbook entries or P.M'S!!
Anyone can P.M. me any time they like!!
k well i hope this hasnt bored you an di hope you carry on reading!!
oo and feel free to pluck a jelly bean off the screen!! free to all!!!!!!!!Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

this has to be the funniest word in the history of funny words!! also its meaning is pretty hillarious!! does anyone watch mr. bean??
yea if u dont look it up on you tube n watch the one in the police station he wears a Codpiece!! heehee!! if you dont know what that is im sorry!!lol!!
i knda dont wanna be the bearer of the definition lol!!
hahahahahahahaha times a milion ok yea so i just wanted to say that!! YOU BIG CODPIECE!! lol!!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

hw=eya everyone!! gah i dunno wot to write!!lol!! as usual!! i apologise for this waste of a post lol!!
so ...... how are you all? (questions never go wrong lol!!)_
oooooooh does everyone like my bg?? napoleon rocks wo0t!!
ya so b4 i get boring i will leave you all with pointless and random thoughts cya.......

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Friday, March 31, 2006

yay! we got our school pictures back today! wo0t!!
now it probably sounds like im a big fan of getting my picture taken!! well im not, i hate geting my picture taken, mainly because i think i look bad in photos!!
this is something i wouldnt normally do, but im gonna post a photo of me (and two friends) aaah! now remember i dont like picy=tures, so excuse me if it is bad!!lol!!
here goes: Image hosting by Photobucket yea so im the one in the middle!!lol!! i think i look quite young in that photo!! ach!!
so heres my question;

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