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Hello fellow otakus,

You might not remember me but my other account is Hikari Knight. Fro a while my Pen Name in books and what not is Myrrh Lynn, it sounds so cool ^_^

I have been wanting to become a writer for quite some time now but i feel confident to post by stories on The Otaku.

You can picture them in any way you like, whether as an anime or even an actual movie, i just would like to ask one thing of you...Will you please give your comments and suggestions.

I know they are long and you probably wont want to read them, but if you do it will be greatly appreciated >.<

Feel free to explore my site and i promise there is more to come, but until that time arises from the ashes, I bid you adieu.

Later Dayz

Toy Doll $.$

Monday, September 25, 2006

   BOOM! I come bearing gifts!!
If you like to read and stretch your imagination!

If you love to indulge in fantasies

If you love fan fictions and original stories...


FanFiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/~rapidcalibur


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Friday, September 22, 2006

   Dem & Darren Leisle: The Mary Magdalene Charges.
This is a little sneak peek at Dem & Darren Leisle ^_^ Enjoy!!:

Act I:
No Need for Pleasantries

An echoing screech rang throughout the docks; two young girls ran over the mouldy wood and headed for a warehouse. A dark figure in the night sky flapped its enormous wings and screeched once more. The girls ran for their lives. Their long black and purple hair flailed in the chilling wind. Their black tank tops were stained with blood whilst their black skirts had green demon blood over them. Their fish net tops were torn in the arms while the fish net bottoms were torn on their left legs. Their two silver Sais clanged together in the speed they were running. A crate was thrown at them shattering into pieces only meters from them. They divided and ran inside the warehouse. They were identical twins gifted with the power to be psychic.
They ran down a stretch of eroding wood with green slime and fungi. There was a warehouse dead ahead, their hearts started pumping. No matter how many times they did this type of work, it was different every time. Having to scan and calculate the opponent’s velocity and strength. Then finding their weakness and exploiting it in the quickest way possible. The girls entered the warehouse and bolted it up then ran to the crates and hid. Dem, the older of the two, was a communicating to her sister telepathically, she manage to get the plan across when a loud holler emitted from the steel doors. There was a prolonged silence. Without warning a large bang was heard from the silence and a dent appeared in the door, with another bang, another dent appeared making the door weaker.
The girls sat in silence as the creature hollered louder and then the doors was forced opened sending it to the other side of the warehouse, smashing into a truck. The girls cringed with fear and both clasped their weapons in unison. Its wings were also its arms and instead of feet it had talons. The hair of the creature was green and its eyes were sharp and red. Amidst its violent scream both the girls muttered “A Harpy.” The Harpies’ blue fangs glinted in the moon light and revealed stains of human blood. It wasn’t hungry for guards anymore. The Harpy surveyed the room, pinpointing the girl’s vital signatures and simultaneous blood flow. The beast swooped all around the warehouse, ducking and weaving through the timber beams and metal pipes. After a while of circling, the Harpy swooped down to were Dem sat. Wood flew everywhere as crate upon crate were shredded into pieces. Dem fell back and grazed her self as her Sais were shot over behind some machinery.
Darren new she had to do something quickly, otherwise her sister would die. Darren pointed to some shards of wood and made a motion with her fingers and sent the shards straight at the Harpy. The Harpy reared up and the shards hit its wing. The Harpy shrieked with pain and fell to the ground, its body flailed around on the concrete. The beast arose and screeched. All the surrounding windows exploded and the girls fell to their knees and covered their ears. The Harpy women took the shard of wood from her green and blue wings and gave an evil smile to them both. The Harpies body slowly morphed into a young women’s. Her hair was black and her eyes were blue. She slowly walked to Darren. Her eyes glinted and Darren grabbed her neck. The Harpy was chocking her. How can a Harpy do that? Their not telekinetic Darren thought as its grip tightened. The women came across Darren, stroking her face with her finger that slowly turned into a talon and pierced her skin. Her ice cold blue lips came closer to Darren’s face, to her cheek and to her ear.
Darren couldn’t make out much of the demon language since it was Latin, but one word stood out. Pain. As the Harpy backed of she licked Darren’s face, her teeth were pointed and glinted in the moonlight. The harpy lifted both Darren and its self into the air, the creatures blue and green wings broke the skin and morphed. As they rose into the air she wrapped her arms around Darren, closing in for the kill. The harpy’s hair went from long strands of black to short blue spiky hair. She edged closer to Darren’s face as Darren’s eyes flickered due to lack of oxygen. A flash of light from below distracted the harpy, it looked down and snarled. Dem had thrown her silver, engraved Sai towards the Harpy. The Sai was directed at the creature’s heart but it moved so it clipped the wing. The Harpy’s hold of Darren loosened and she fell to the floor. Dem ran to her and caught her just in time as the Harpy fell and smashed to the ground, causing a crater to form.

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Saturday, September 2, 2006

   Nickname Pen Name
Hey everyone rawr.

For all who care which is not alot of you but i dont care so i will say it any way.

I am giving my self the name:

Myrrh Lynn

RAWR stick with it

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hey people.

My friend (dew-drip-dragon) got me hooked on Gravitation. My favorite character is Ryuichi, the lead singer of Nittle Grasper. Yeah i know its yaoi, but the story was good, music was awsome and the lovy dovy stuff wasnt bad. The yaoi-ness wasnt hard-core so i guess i'm gonna be the first guy to say he don't mind yaoi....actually persoanlly i thought it was more shounen-ai...but either way awsome story >.<

Toy Doll $.$ signing off....

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

   Chrono Crusade - Hallelujah


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