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Thursday, February 23, 2006

I've got a past here, but every past life, is only a stepping stone to the shore. Though i can't see the shore yet, i can see the last few stepping stones in the river. Will i reach the shore, before i must give myself to the raging river? Time will tell i guess, but for now i must step onto the next stone and leave the past stones behind me for good.
But then again, who knows...? Maybe i will find a boat, able to take me up the stream some time ones again, so that i can see those past stones, which helped me reach who i am and who i'm going to be.
This is goodbye, my life is showing me new stones. This is goodbye, my current stone is burning my feet. So i say goodbye... maybe i'll see you on the shore.

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Friday, February 10, 2006


"Blue-Eyed Love In the Night" by Jaxx

"Love under a moon so bright
turning shadows soon to light,
years passes by in the blink of an eye
stars are igniting in pitch-black sky.

Under your nursing wings
no more cursing stings,
love, entwine your tail with mine
keep me safe and teach me how to shine.

In this quiet place of ours
we keep chase to hours,
when the moon finally is slain
dawns the day where we part again.

Another night will come though soon
a night where we meet under the moon,
under a dark curtain with holes of light
blue-eyed we share our love in this night."

Hello there everyone! ^^

Well, i think i'd better explain the things at the top of this post.
The pic is an awesome, early Valentines Day gift, made by my sweet and wonderful girlfriend; Alandra! ^^
She made it as a surprise for me and gave it to me yesterday. I just love it so much, it's so cute! I wish i could print it out and hang it by my bed. Anyway, when i saw it i thought that it deserved a poem written, so i used yesterday's evening on that, which you've probably just read. Hope you like it. ^^ And i know you love the pic. ^^

Anyway, sorry for shortie, but gotta go already. Talk to ya all later! Love you sooooooooooo much, Al! *hugs and kisses Alandra* ^^

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Monday, February 6, 2006

Ooo, lookie... a post! *gasp*

Well, i thought i might as well write something while i'm waiting for me love to get on msn. Oh, when you talk about the sun, there she is, heh. ^^
Anyway, i might as well tell ya guys about my last few days. This weekend was supposed to be a quite and relaxing one, where i could just sit back and talk with Alandra. But due to some irritating objects... *glares at family* i didn't get much talking with Al. Besides that, Saturday night i agreed to go out with Johnny, his gf and her sister. So we went out to a bowling center and then back to her sister, before visiting his gf's and her sisters cousin. And there... the fun started. Well, actually it was mostly watching people get tottally wasted, but i couldn't drink since i have promised Al i wont, and i stay true to my word. So after a few hours, we got a taxi home to johnny, cause no one was able to drive. And yeah.. the next day we were just so busted and not willing to do anything.

Okay, just been out for a good two hours i think. I had to get a shitload of new firewood into our shed, and my fingers and back is so wrecked right now *sigh* i'm not the physical type. Oh well, at least i'm back and still have time to talk with Al and write my post.
Anyway, not much more to write really. I might as well tell about my theme.
I'm having a .Hack flip these days, i've decreed .Hack//SIGN as my fave anime. I need Al to get into it too, hehe. I think she'll like it when she hears, that the designer who made the Evangelion characters is the character designer on .Hack as well. ^^ You can especially see that in the eyes of a character named Elk from the .Hack games, but anyway.
My fave character is Crim, the guy on my wallpaper. Long Arms rules! *cough* yeah.
The music is Obsession, the opening theme to .Hack//SIGN and even though it lacks a bit of singing in my opinion, i like the music itself.

Anyway, better end it here, so i can concentrate fully on Al again. Hope ya'll have a good day or night and see ya later minna-san! Take care! And love you soooooo much, Alandra! *hugs and kisses* ^^

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