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welcome to my website, home of the legendary fire demon hiei. fire is the coolest element ever. stay as long as you like and don't forget to sign my guestbook.

i've always found myself to be a lot like hiei, and pretty similar to sensui too. they're both really cool, but i'd say hiei is still cooler. what do u think?


dude, this gif is really cool

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

so yeah, i guess i haven't really posted in a while again, any way, i'm finally 19, and i can say that the only good birthdays were 1-18, after that, u just don't get much, u don't really care until you're 21, and nobody else does either, but at least i got some money so it wasn't a total bore

anyway, i finally got a new car that's way better than my ond one, and it doesn't end up with a new problem after every other trip, so happy, and soon i'll have a stereo system for it, so that will kick ass too

otherwise since i've been out of school, i haven't come here as much as i usually do, so if anybody wants to find me, i'll be on myspace
e-mail: pyroneticangel@gmail.com
current screen name is "blackangel"

see ya'll sooner or later

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

   IT'S FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes, that's right, one more day and my time in high school will soon be over! it's been so long, i'm gonna miss it and be happy that it's over, i'll probably still end up going back to see some friends next year though.

and the big graduation ceremony for everyone is on sunday this weekend, it's gonna be cool, but i think it'll probably take longer than passing high school did, lol.

so yeah, i'll poke at ya'll later and now i've gotta finish a project tonight, the last one ever, YEAH!

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Monday, May 15, 2006

how's everyone doing?

i'm just typing randomly in study hall right now.
i had a pretty cool weekend, saturday i, well i guess i can't really remember that, but sunday my sister and i celebrated mothers day with out mom and i made dinner for her, more or less, she wanted pizza so since i work at pizza hut i went and made a bunch of stuff and we had that

other wise other stuff is happening too i guess, like today all the cherry pepsi at work is past the sell by date so i'm gonna see if i can get some for free

also if anyone can tell me how to get that music video to play in my profile could u help me with it? thanks


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Friday, April 28, 2006

so what's happening out there everyone?
everything w/ me has mostly calmed down, in the last week or two, i finally talked to my dad again and things are getting better between us again so hopfully things will last this time around but i guess i'll see.

i've almost got all the crap worked out in my life and can finally be happy with things, i've realized that i worry too much about other people when i don't focus on my own problems and goals like i should, that's probably why i'm so screwed up inside. it's interesting what u can learn about yourself when u really look

so when summer finally arrives i'll finally be able to join my friends who i haven't seen in so long and finally it'll be like it used to be with nothing to worry about. speaking of which, is anyone else going to otacon this summer? i think it's in august, i'm going with a bunch of friends providing i can come up with the money. it's gonna be cool

i'll post again soon, now i'm gonna go check out people's sites some more

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

stuff kinda sucks now, my stepmom died of cancer a while ago and everyone was really sad about it, still, my family isn't much for sad expressions so the funeral was more of a get-together with everyone.

other stuff happened too, like my GF and i are breaking up, so now it's just like old times i guess if that's any positive way to think about it.

otherwise i guess some good stuff is happening as well like school is almost over and everyone is planning to move out and have their own place so i'll probably be doing the same

i'll try to post again soon, next time i'll probably have something more cheerful to talk about

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