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Sunday, April 30, 2006

And I'm Back
So i am finally posting again after a month. Sorry its been so long everyone. Things have just been crazy with health issues and classes and work stuff. Unfortunately this also isn't the post i was hoping to leave as my return post. So a couple days ago my dad called me and told me my grandmother was dead, that she had died around the begining of last week. This came as a shock to me as i was home maybe two weeks before then and saw her and she was fine. So yeah im hurting still with everything going on in my life. On a lighter note though i have decided to go and change my site look. Of course im gonna need help from my favorite myo buddy to do this as i am still rather inept to HTML and the like, but new look coming soon...yay...anyways i will end this before it gets any longer...laterz
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