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hello, every one. How are you. I'm fine.But i just gotta say, I WUV ANIME!!!!!

Here are my top ten favprite people:

3.) Momiji - Fruits Basket
4.) Sora -kingdom hearts
5.) Orochimaru - Naruto
6.) Orihime- bleach
7.) iruka - naruto
8.) Rini - sailor moon
9.) shippo - inuyasha
10.) ichigo - bleach

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Thursday, August 28, 2008


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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

wow, haven't been here in a while
whos it going guys....sorry i haven't been on, i was busy with my fanfics, and i found other websites to haress...but i shall come back here... and talk more often now... and hopefully upload more pictures for you guys.... i know i haven't done that in a while but hey what can i say. i'm not partically fond of the new site though...it confuses me greatly....i have to say i like the other one better...oh well..
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Thursday, October 4, 2007

ok for those of you that want to see my story all the way though, here is the link to it

Ninja Academy Pages=> 25

Click here to read my fan fic Ninja Academy

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ok guys here is the new update. Please get more people to read it. please

Sasuke had arrived early, and he was patiently waiting for his borther to get their. Hiding in a common area, behind a really big chair, he sat. He figured, since he got there uberly early, Itachi would walk right by, Then he could ambush him.

"I know you'll enjoy it here."

Sasuke became immediately alert. It was a mans voice that had said that. He took out a kunai just in case things got ugly.

"But dad, I don't know anyone." This time the voice was girly.

"Please, with your adorable cutenness, you'll have a fan club before long."

Then Sasuke saw them. It was Kakashi sensei. There was a girl behind him, but from where he was hiding, he couldn't see her. Then as Kakashi was about to walk by, he stopped, looked directly at the chair Sasuke hide behind and said.

"Alright, you can come out now."

Sasuke, startked that Kakashi could see him, hesitently stepped out. Kakashi stared at him intently.

"Sasuke, what kind of foolishness is this. Way are you hiding behind a chair."

Sasuke scoffed his foot on the ground, but didn't answer.

"Anyway, I need you to do something." Kakashi told. " I'm kinda busy, you know with getting my class room finished, and such."

"Your a teacher here." Sasuke asked repoarchfully.

"Yes as a matter of fact I am, and It's rude to interupte people." Kakashi scolded. " Anywho, I need someone to watch my daughter. She is nice, but that's the thing. She's too nice, and someone might take her away from me." He finished in a overdramic voice and clutching his heart in mock pain.

"I can take care of my self, just fine."

The girl step up beside kakashi, and Sasuke stared. She looked very familar. There was no way he knew her, but she looked like someone he had known, he just couldn't remember. She had black hair falling gentle around her. She wore a plain black shirt and black capris. Her dark eyes were kind, but her posture showed toughness. She turned to Sasuke and smiled. "Hello. My name is Drakana, it's a pleasure to meet you, Sasuke Uchiha."

"Nn." Sasuke replied scowling. 'Man is this girl polite.'

"Well, I'll be going now." Kakashi replied. He walked past Sasuke and down the hall. Sasuke and Drakana queitly watched him leaved.

"Well what now." Drakana asked.

Sasuke just stared at her. How was he suppose to beat Itachi with this girl following him. He sighed.

"Do you know where the dorms are." Sasuke asked. Maybe if he dropped this girl in her room, she would stay there, Kakashi wouldn't mind, and he still could looked for Itachi.

She shook her head. He sighed again. "Well lets go find them I guess."

He started off in one direction, and she followed not far behind him.

~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~

"This is our chance at destroying those worthless ninja's" Orochimaru hissed. "We shall go and play their little game and when the time is right, we shall overturn their worthless school."

"Lord Orochimaru wants you all to pose as students attending the school to futher your education, but you will actually be spys checking out the other ninjas abilities. Lord Orochimaru and I have been asked to work here so we will also be present." Kabuto told the patient ninjas that surronded him. There were ten sound ninjas enrolled in the school and they all stood listening intently to Orochimaru and Kabuto. They were in alittle clearing five minutes from the school.

"Do you understand your mission." Orochimaur asked watching each of the carefully selected ninjas.

"Yes Lord Orochimaru." They replied in unison.

Orochimaru pondered his selection again. There was that boy Kimimaro. He was sickly, but was postivily loyal. Then Sakon and Ukon. They were actually the same person, but split into and were posing as twins. Jirobo was here, and kidomaru. Tayuya was also present. Then there was Kin, Dosu, and Zaku. And lastly, the most powerful of the ten gather here today, Akimara. His daugther, and the pride of the sound. She stood at the back of the group, her pale skin radient in the afternoon sun, and her black hair in tumbles down her back. She looked so serene, but her golden snake eyes were alert and her hands never strayed far from her weapons pouch.

"You all have your orders. Go ahead and find your rooms. We'll stay in contact through out the school year, and don't do anything to give anyhint of what you were assign to do." Kabuto said. "Now leave."

They all poofed away. Orochimaru glanced at Kabuto.


"Yes Lord Orochimaru."

"You do know what your job is here right."

"Yes, To be of any service to you."

"No not that one. The one Tsunade has giving you."

Kabuto winced. "Yes Lord Orochimaru. I shall be one of the janitors here."

"And YOU won't give off any information on our plans. Even if it meant you could become something better then a janitor."


"OR not do you job and get fired."

"No Lord Orochimaru"

Orochimaru smiled. "That's a good boy, Kabuto."

Then they too poofed away.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

   New update
please guys i need more people reading it. Please and if you haven't read the first part of the story look farther on down in my postings. It should be in the post RIGHT under this one. Enjoy


Naruto Opened the piece of paper once more. It had told him to follow the western road for about a half a mile, walk north, throught the woods for 30 mins, and he should be there, But he had been walking for longer then that. Where was this stupid school.then the sudden clearing in the woods startled him into looking up.

An enormous building stood atop a hill. There was other buildings behind it, but it was the first building that was the best. It had elegent windows popping up randomly on the brick wall. The door was huge, with intricate design, that being so far away, Naruto had no idea what they were.

"Wow." Naruto said. A smile planted itself on his face. Then he heard people coming up behind him.

"It's still gonna be there later, so get out of my way."

"Huh?" Naruto asked, turning around. A girl about a year younger then him was standing there, hands on her hips, glaring at him. She had the deepest black hair cut to her chin, greenish yellow eyes, and wore a plain black tank top, with small black shorts. Weridly she had no shoes on.

"Move it or lose it blondie." She said.

"Oh be nice." Said another girl popping up from behind her. She, unlike the first girl, looked his age, even though she was shorter then the younger girl. The two girls look very much alike, that even the slow Naruto figured they must be sisters. The second girl had curly hair that reached her waist. It hung in orange and black stripes. She had on an orange wrap around tanktop, and the same small black shorts as the other girl, and like the other, no shoes.

The black haired girl just growled but stayed silent. The orange haired girl shot the other one a mean look, then turned to Naruto and did a small bow.

"Hello. I am Sen Remo, and this is my dear little sister Ren Remo."

"I'm Naruto." Naruto replied pointing to himself.

"Yeah, yeah, so nice to meet you, blah de blah. Come on Sen." Ren grabbed Sen's arm and pulled her past Naruto. Sen waved bye to Naruto and started yelling at her sister.

"You are positively rude."

"And you, are positively sickening. The only way I was allowed to come, was if I had you enroll also."

The they moved out of ear shot as they walked up the hill to the building.

Naruto watched, wondering, 'I've never seen those two before. There diffently not leaf ninja's.' He tried his best the figure what who they were when a familiar voice called out.

"Yo Naruto."

Naruto turned and smiled. It was Kiba. Kiba jumped down from the trees and landed almost silently on the ground. A second later, Shino and Hinata followed along and were standing behind him.

"Hello Naruto-kun." Hinata mumbled. Shino just nodded at Naruto.

"Hey guys. Are you coming to?" Naruto asked.

"Of course we are." Kiba replied. "Come on, we gonna be late."

Kiba started walking forward. Naruto, Shino, and Hinata followed.

~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~ * ^ * ~

"Are you sure it's this way."

"BY THE POWER OF YOUTH!!!!!!!!! yes."

Neji, Tenten, and Rock Lee were walking aimlessly through the forest.

"It's that way." Neji said, pointing to his left. Then he froze. He squinted up ahead, then started walking, pushing past Tenten and Rock Lee. he kepted walking forward in a really fast pace, ignoring the protest from his comrades, telling him to slow down and wait. He had seen immense chakra, though, and he wanted to find out who it came from.

Walking without slowing down for about 10 mins, brought him to a little clearing. The clearing wasn't that big, but it was pretty. The grass was flowing and the sun shone merrily on the people who sat quietly in the middle. It was the people that caught his attention though.They all had pale skin, and dark hair, execpt for one who had red. they also had the same silver eyes. They were unmistakably sisters, and the two eldest looked like twins. One of the twins had short black hair hanging widly around her head, and over most of her face, though somehow not over her eyes. She wore a vibrant green tanktop and a frilly matching green skirt. Over her clothing was an apron. This girl was quietly serving tea to the other three. The first one she served the tea the one who looked like her twin. The girl had straight black hair, just a smige longer then her identical counterpart. It curled inward toward her porcelin face. She wore what looked a bathing suit top, not a revealing type, but one that wraped around her neck, and showed her stomach. It was white and contrasted with her skin tone nicely, and little bells hung on the bottom. She wore a shortblack skirt, with white legging underneath. A katana sat innocently beside her.

The next girl to be served was the one with red hair. It was held in a high ponytail, with her bangs hanging down on one side, and clips to the side with little gold clips on the other. She wore a simple red tanktop, and capris that looked as if they had once been pants, but were cut to be capris. Bandages were wraped down one leg, ending at her black ninja shoes. The last to be served was the girl who looked to be the youngest. Her black hair hung to the middle of her back even when it was in a high ponytail with her bangs caming down to her chin on both side. She wore a fitting light blue tanktop with bandages going down both arms, to end at her elbows. She wore big black capris, and black ninja shoes.

Neji heard Tenten and Lee come up behind him. They peered curiously around and also watched the girl in the clearing. After all girls were served, they drank a few sips, and the sat the cups down carefully on the ground. At once the sprang up, each holding some type of weapon, and faced Neji, Tenten, and lee.

"May we help you?" The girl in the bikini and skirt asked, not really warningly but with the katana held out in front of her, it seemed all the worst.

"I saw an enormous chakra." Neji replied coldly. "I was curios to see which one of you had it."

"Look again then." The girl with the apron said. She was holding a broom in a way, where it looked deadly.

Neji stared at them coldly for a moment longer then activated his byakugan. He nearly gasped. It wasn't one person with tons of chakra. It was their combined chakra. Most peoples chakra is different in some way, but theirs were all identical.

"How is that possible." Neji asked.

"Easy." The red head explained. She had a cheery tone, that even with the kunai, it didn't sound dangerous. " We're all twins."

"Huh?" Neji replied confused.

The one with the katana sighed. She turned, picked up her Katana's sheath and slide it soudnlessly in. " Come, Sit. Drank some tea."

The others put back their weapons when the first one did, and sat back down, making room for the three.

"Hi, My name is Dra." The red head replied and she jumped down next to the youngest, who hadn't spoken yet. Then pointing to her, the red head said. "And this is my twin. Brandi. Those two," She continued pointing the the girl who had the Katana, then to the girl who was pouring them tea. "And they are Elisabi and Rosary. Those two are twin also but they look more like twins the me and Brandi."

Neji and Lee stayed silent, so Tenten piped up. " I'm Tenten. And This is Rock Lee and Neji Hyuga."

They drank their tea while Dra continued her endless chatter. She told them about her family, her home and her sisters. By the time they were finished with their tea, they already found out that the four girls were only a year apart in age, their mom had died at birth, and they lived in the sand for their whole life.

Then, suddenly, Elisabi stood up. " Well If we're to get to that cursed school by dark, then we better set out now."

They packed up their stuff, and set out, with Neji, Tenten, and Lee following.

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