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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

get off your butt

This will be short, I think?

Iím here to bug you yet again, so fear me^-^ Though, for your wondrous patience I give you the chance to give yourself five Samoas and ten Thin Mints. Those are Girl Scout cookies, for those who donít know.

Well, I finally got around to updating the Blade and ES websites. Those darn things have been hovering over me for months now. I haven't completely gotten everything that needs to be done, done...but I'm working on it. I can only do so much at a time especially with my recent increase in laziness, which has also involved cookies.

HOWEVER, today was my last day of driver's ed^-^ Huzzah. But on March 14 and the next week after that I will be gone again working on the driving part of driver's ed. Don't worry though; I'm sure Iíll be awesome. 0,o And if not, the likelihood of me finding any of you in particular just to hit is pretty small.

So I'll be here more again and I'll hopefully get some of this creative blocking unclogged so I can get back to work. I've missed my art and writing so much, plus I have hardly been able to read anything at all. How sad it tis. *sigh*

What else. Hmm...Well, I still don't have any new drawings but I encourage you all to go see the many that I put up last time. That is, if you haven't already. But there is a one time offer! If you go and see them now youíll get to do something thatís totally amazing! Ok, ready? First stand up. Second look left, now look right. Third jump up and down five times, no more no less. Fourth turn around. Fifth jump to all four sides. When youíre absolutely certain no one is around, sit down.

Wasnít that the most exciting thing youíve ever done in your life?! And if not, at least I managed to give you some exercise after all those cookies I let you give yourself.

That wasn't really all that short was it? I felt like it was short. And now, I give you the chance to get off your butt and give yourself a banana. See, Iím making you healthy already. Now you give me a cookie^-^ For I need not the work of you couch potatoes. Ha ha ha.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

don't panic

This will be quick and painless^-^ Don't panic at my bizarre posting habits as of late either.

Well, I'd like to say that first of all my drawings are all finally up! Took the site long enough...

Also my choir contest went very well, we took Grand Champion. And this trophy was taller than me (I know Iím short but it was larger than a lot of the other girls too). We joke around saying that they make them so big so that the egos of the other contestants wonít be bruised. Ha haÖ.

My Spanish project is incomplete, unfortunately. We didn't actually start until about an hour and a half before most everyone had to leave and one of our members didn't even show up! But I did get to see most of Across the Universe and re-watch Pride and Prejudice. Then when we did get around to filming it turned out to be a laughing riot. Seriously.

So all seems good so far.

And now if you've experienced any physical, emotional, or even mental pain please take it elsewhere.

Bye ^-^

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Friday, February 15, 2008

be merry with the newness

This is in fact quite soon for me to be posting, but I just managed to scan in about three weeks worth of drawings!!!

WARNING! They aren't here yet!

There are 10 new doodles for your eager eyes.
3- are fanart for my stories, one and half of one being for Insane (get well soon!);
5- are valentine's day drawings;
1- has absolutely no point;
and the last
1- is a pageview thanks for my other art site.

So go and be merry with them! Actually, no don't...that would be creepy. 0o

Well, there hasn't been any progress on my stories. Too busy. Then tomorrow I have another choir contest...and I have to work on my Spanish project in between. I have no life from about 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. *sigh* How terribly tragic.

So that's my very short post to tell you of all the newness that has come your way!

Be joyous.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

gone, gone it's all gone!

Hello my faithful idiots!

Well, I'm yet again sorry for my prolonged absence. It was unintentional and yet also unavoidable.

One: I'm still sick with something! Whatever it is hasn't exactly been giving me a never ending fountain of energy.
-this ties into number two-
Two: I've still been trying to get my make-up work done, which has been setting me back a little. And with the increased laziness, I haven't exactly been helping myself.
Three: I finally got a around to taking Driver's Ed. The only problem is that the class is right after school (25 minutes after) and takes two hours of my precious computer/lazy time. So basically I come home and get to work...or just lay around thinking about working (thatís usually the case). Either way it's all very annoying.

I just haven't had the time to come on and do stuff! I'm so so sorry! But don't you fret, I will not be gone long or that much. I'll just not be here as often or at all for the rest of February. Once I get this make-up work out of the way, I should be able to pop on and answer some mail once in a while.

In other news, I have been a bit blocked. I think whatever I have has not only been draining me of my energy, but also my creativity! I just haven't really been able to think of anything good recently. But you may be glad to know, I finished ES chapter four a little while ago and I have started on Blade chapter eight. Plus I have a few more drawings...but not many. I still have about three that I'm trying to get on paper, but they donít exactly want to get out of my brain...or be found for that matter. Stubborn things.

Regardless, I'm sorry for being gone and just want to warn you that it may be this way for a little while longer. Don't worry, I'll make sure to try and get on some. Then my drawings will hopefully be up by the end of the week. Now thatís a hopefully from me, not a defiantly, so that may mean not this week at all...you know me^-^

Bye bye now! I'll miss you guys while I waste away!

oh and a quick shout out to my poor Insane! I hope you get better!! And to help, i've been trying to think of a good Get Well Soon drawing! Expect it with my new stuff^-^ ( I think I have something!)

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