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Hiya, I'm Fumiko and thanks for stoping by.You can also find me on fanfiction.net.


Friday, February 20, 2009

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New Theme

Well, this is my new theme. I love Disturbed ^^. Hey, this is also my first new post in 2009! Quick question before I go. How was everyone's Christmas, New Years and Valentines? My was great. Gots lots of money ^^

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Monday, July 28, 2008

So, this is my first new post. Wow. I haven't been on in forever.... Well to get onto what I was going to say. Death Note. Killer anime but, it pissed me off. Why, oh why did they have to kill my smexy L? That was so not cool. And Light! That bastard only smirked and tryed not to laugh. I'm glade they killed him at the end. He got what was comming to him. Oh! Did you guys know they have Death Note movies out? I know there's one where L is still alive. And I love Adultswim right now. Last I cheeked, they were running Death Note again. So, my new goal in life right now is to own L. I shall make him mine. But, L's not the only smexy guy I want. I want Zack from Final Fanasty VII.

I just love my Zack. I don't know who's hotter. Ok, my fan girl moment is over. Was it only me but, at the end of Crisis Core (My friend yelled at me for this too^^) was I the only one who thought it was a hot yaoi moment between Zack and Cloud. Yes it was sad that my smexy Zack had to die but, if he wasn't dieing, it would be sooo hot. I mean all the rain and blood... yum. Some of you must think I'm weird right about now. But really think about it. If Zack wasn't dieing, wow. Ok I have to stop befor I get really perverted. To late Zack and L yaoi. I have a challange for any fanfic writer that happens to stop by and read this long ass post. I challange you to write a smuty Zack/L yaoi oneshot. I have yet to see one and I really don't care who the uke or seme is. I just has to be really smuty and hot. If you do it, PM me on either here or Fanfic. If I don't get back to you try my friend Flameingphoneix's fanfic or or her Otaku, which is here.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Man...they always make Itachi gay...

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Sunday, November 5, 2006

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

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