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konnichi wa minna. you can call me mrs. zoldick or irumi 14 coz im emotionally devoted to him. well ahem before i forget. please do feel free to come to my page anytime you feel like coz it makes me glad when someone's dropping by and please dont forget to sign my gb ok. i'll drop by your site too as soon as Irumi let's me hehe.


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Sunday, February 13, 2005

   hiei and kurama love affair
yaoi pics are now spreading all over town but i find this couple really interesting. im sorry hieikillua if hiei is involved. but as i was surfing someone sent me this pic and other disgusting pic too well its a good thing irumi wasnt exploited that much well this is dedicated to horohoro ren who loves yaoi so much maybe i'll post ren and horo sometime what do you think?

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